Asian Businessman Stabbed 8 Times For $200

Richard Tang, owner of the Opaheke Takeaway in Papakura was stabbed 8 times by a gang of thugs who made their getaway on bicycles last Sunday.

He is one of a growing number of businessmen and shop workers who have been stabbed or shot during robberies in New Zealand in recent years, he was very lucky to have escaped with his life, unlike Navtej Singh, Hiren Mohini and Krishna Naidu who died from their injuries. Our readers may also recall Ashwin and Nita Surti, Ashwin was shot in the face with an airgun and battered with a hammer

This was a particularly brutal attack as Mr Tang offered no resistance to the robbers and had told them to take what they want before being stabbed by two of the thugs. His wife was also threatened and they must have both feared for their lives.

The Herald’s report on the Opaheke raid mentions that the thugs were wearing bandannas, which is usually code for ‘they were gang members” but doesn’t say what colours they were wearing. We think that this is probably Black Power turf and the kids were probably ‘gang prospects’ or a youth gang.  It seems that the use of the word ‘gang’ by the media is presently being restricted in New Zealand, but the clues are there if you know to look for them:

The Herald report stated:

Mr Tang, 25, showed his wounds to the Herald yesterday.

The worst, a deep cut on the left of his torso, nicked his lung.

He also has at least seven cuts to his left arm, which all needed stitches.

Papakura Detective Sergeant Dave French said Mr Tang and his 29-year-old cousin Susan Zhong had been in the back of the shop just before 8pm when they heard a noise outside.

Mr Tang went to investigate but did not see anyone

They then heard the shopfront buzzer and saw two youths wearing bandannas around their necks in the doorway. Mr Tang asked what they wanted but they did not reply and walked out of the shop.

He returned to the back of the store but Ms Zhong saw the pair walk around the corner to the back of the store and she called to her cousin.

“He opened the back door, took one step outside and saw three males running towards him,” Mr French said.

“He turned around to go back in the shop but they caught up to him.

“He said one of them grabbed him with one arm and started stabbing him with the other. He said two of those guys pushed him back into the shop, into a corner, he says they both had knives, they both stabbed him.

Mr Tang told them to “take whatever you want”. Meanwhile, Ms Zhong, who speaks limited English, heard the commotion in the back and went outside to call police on her cellphone but was confronted by two men, one with a knife who made stabbing gestures at her before motioning her back inside…” more

So how much of a problem does Papakura have with armed robberies and is it a safe place in which to live or do business? You decide. We took a look at our list of armed robberies, which isn’t comprehensive by any means because not all robberies are reported by the media – The Kiwi Bank has been held-up a couple of times, so has the Valley Superette and the Copper Lounge Bar also.

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