Justin Bieber Gets A Kiwi Welcome

Justin Bieber

Poor Justin Bieber, within minutes of arriving in New Zealand he became a victim of theft – someone stole his hat; then his mama got knocked over! Perhaps someone should’ve warned him about the predators before he left Australia?

He wrote on his twitter page

“AUSTRALIA…i want to say thank you for the most incredible welcome. I wont ever forget it and i cant wait to come back soon and perform”

“and yes I got to see a wombat”

“Finally got to New Zealand last night. The airport was crazy. Not happy that someone stole my hat and knocked down my mama. Come on people”

“I want to be able to sign and take pics and meet my fans, but if you are all pushing security wont let me. let’s keep it safe and have fun”


The NZ Herald covered his arrival but there was no statement saying that ‘his bad experience hadn’t put him off our wonderful country and he plans to see more of it during his stay

The thief was later named as 17 year old Emah Hira Matiu who’d held the hat for ransom in return for a hug. She’d escaped from “boring Hamilton” with a mate to greet Bieber on his arrival in Auckland.

Justin left NZ with an All Blacks Shirt, his hat and his life, under the circumstances a “great success”:

“Sorry…U cant hold me ransom. I got my hat back. no hugs. no thanks u’s. just glad they did the right thing. I dont condone thievery!! haha”

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What Kiwis think

Our readers may find it very interesting to see what the laconic Kiwis said about his visit by reading this thread on the Trademe Community Boards, you may notice a lack of regret over the incident, a touch of racism and that infamous tall poppy syndrome (Bieber fans may wish to look away at this point and Kiwis hang their heads in shame)

Justin Bieber not happy with New Zealand – the girls at the airport, stole his hat, and knocked over his mum

  • They were on the radio this morning – thought they were so cool.
  • who thought they were cool???
  • I tease my daughter that I think his name should be Justine Bieber.
  • What a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!Did he through himself on the floor kicking and screaming having a huge tanty likes other kids of that age do when their not happy?
  • Bieber is what happens when you tell your boy they’re awesome on a daily basis.
  • shows how the media machine has the next generation exactly where they want them, until yesterday it was ‘Justin who??’, ppl have mentioned the Beatles having the same effect but they took years to get where they were & were also good musicians not just media hype blow-ups.
  • Hahahahahaha that is what it sounds like on the radio, this morning the were talking about him and I thought the DJ said to some guy who has called in ‘so are you into beaver’

I was like WTF?? Then I realised they were talking about the Canadian twerp.

  • I agree…those girls are acting like lunatics over him.
  • I hope someone tells Justin that he has a black man trapped inside his body sometime soon ;o)
  • I hope someone tells Obama he does too.. he might not know
  • Not black man, Black boy and a little one at that heheh, had to laugh my girls like him and I think he looks like a bubby boy…they mentioned something about giving him jandals (ed. flip flops or thongs) but they didn’t know what size he was..I shot out,oh that’s easy size 2 infants…got the oh mum after 🙂
  • biebers not happy???? OH BOO FREAKIN HOO
  • Makes you wonder if we need classes in ettiquette and good manners………this place is going to the dogs.
  • “Going”? It’s already there! Been there for years.
  • gawd just saw his arrival on the news again, everytime i see it, i feel sicker and sicker. When he is coming through the airport and he shakes his hair, what is he doing, trying to spread his nits through the crowd and what about the young girl that stole his hat, she has openly admitted she grabbed it off his head, shoved it down her shirt and ran, so now they have a confession, will she now be charged with theft?? One of the most pathetic things i have seen in a long time, this guy will be a few hit wonder and then he will be gone, in one way or another, jeepers he looks about 7 not 16.
  • Oh there’s a lot of negativity in this country and other undesirable cultural traits like tall poppy syndrome and indifference…wish we were a bit cocky like Americans and Aussies and had a bigger opinion of ourselves, it wouldn’t go a miss.
  • but justin is CANADIAN???
  • if he was at school when i was, everone would have beat him….. bloody lil nancy twat!
  • i reckon if he was asked to sing with AC/DC, he would run a mile like a scared little rat, no class at all, won’t be long before he is yesterday’s news
  • For background see posts tagged “Violent crime“, “Racism in NZ” , “Migrants’ Tales – NZ a more dangerous, more violent place” and “ Tall poppy syndrome

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