Avondale Schools In Lockdown After Gunman Sighting

The day after the news finally broke that an Indian youth had been seriously injured in a brawl outside of Avondale physiotherapy on Wednesay night, a gunman was allegedly seen in Avondale this afternoon.

The alleged sighting launched a massive lockdown of  three schools in the area – Rosebank School, Avondale College and Avondale Intermediate – which lasted for over 2 hours, according to Stuff.co.nz:

“Rosebank School office manager Christina Hammill said the first the school heard about the alleged gunman was at 12.45pm when she was phoned by a teacher at Avondale College.

“We got a call from police not long after that,” Hammill said.

“We just got on the intercom, telling everyone that police had issued a lock-down procedure. Some of the children were on the playground and had to be brought inside.”

Hammill said the lock-down finished just after 3pm. “

It sounds like the area is on tenterhooks since the brawl which left the victim with a serious head injury. One report said that one of the attackers had been wearing the uniform of a “prominent Auckland high school” and another described them as being teenagers

We’re expecting more unease in the coming days and an increased level of vigilance in the closing days of the school term.

The incident was talked about on the Tradme community board, one person said

“live near Avondale College. Saw two adults arrested. School is now out can here the bubble of school kis on their way home.”

Images of the arrest can be found on the NZPA site Here

For background see: “Mystery Surrounds African Youth Stabbed In Avondale. Update, Indian May Have Been Attacked