NZ Where Kids WILL Be Kids For Longer

But only by a year. Good news from the government today, they want to raise the driving age  from 15 to 16!

This may make it a bit more inconvenient for some kids in rural areas to get around, but it’s no harder on them than it was when they were 14. Families will have the benefit of knowing that their 15 year olds will no longer be able to climb into an uninsured V8 at the earliest opportunity to keep an important date with a muddy ditch somewhere. The nation’s drifters will no doubt have a different opinion.

Looks like the weird idiosyncratic  ‘give way rule’ is finally getting the push too, that should save a few lives and prevent hundreds of injuries every year. It’s only taken them 30 years or so to work that one out.

No talk yet of raising the school leaving age from 15, or of making third party car insurance compulsory. But then, Rome wasn’t built in a day.