Carjackings, Grand Theft Auto?

Carjackings in NZ aren’t unusual by any means* (they’ve been called NZ’s “new home invasion”) but their frequency seems is increasing at an alarming rate. Is it a protracted craze arising from playing a certain type of video game and if so should games like that be banned, or is this just an unwillingness to call a cab when there’s no lift home? The problem is that it’s got to the point where the average citizen really does has to drive round with their doors locked and keep the engine revving at traffic lights

Yesterday an unfortunate female motorist’s car was stolen at knife point in Mangatawhiri and driven 40kms north towards Auckland until forced to stop by police who were in hot pursuit (link)

On Wednesday two women were sitting in their car at the McDonalds in Bader Drive, Mangere at 2.30am when a man threatened them with a gun, forced them from the car and drove off (link)

On Saturday there were two separate incidents in the coastal community of the Hibiscus Coast. One at the Peninsula Golf Club when local resident Peter Braithwaite was forced to hand over his keys at knife point whilst unloading his clubs for an early morning round of golf. Police later caught the thieves who were said to be “from Northland”. Minutes earlier another man was threatened with a man wielding a crow bar outside the McDonalds in Orewa. (link)

What can you do to avoid becoming a helpless victim of carjacking in NZ? take a look at this advice from the US Department of State. It offers tips on avoidance, and what to do if you become a victim and what to do after the attack. Link

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