Temuka Bank Robbery

It was only yesterday that we were saying that there has been a worrying trend in armed robberies in New Zealand over the last year, with many places frequented by the public being targeted. Those comments followed yesterday’s armed hold-up of a tavern in Onehunga.

Today we learn that a bank in the township of Temuka (population of around 4000) has been robbed and police are presently engaged in a full scale land and air hunt for at least one escaped robber. Today’s robbery is the 9th this month, and that’s just in commercial premises. Is armed crime getting out of control in New Zealand and is it time to curb firearm ownership?

230,000 licensed owners, 1.1 million firearms
According to Wikipedia, NZ has an estimated 230,000 licensed firearms owners using approximately 1.1 million firearms, enough for 1 in 4 of the population. There are no figures for the number of weapons illegally owned by unlicensed individuals.

NZ has 11 times as many guns per capita as Britain and 60% more than Australia where police are armed.

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