New Zealand Nationals Arrested In India On Drugs Charges

Two NZ nationals have been arrested in India for being in possession of 96g of charas (hashish or cannabis) According to reports made to the NZ press the couple, Allan Bruce Mills and his girlfriend Peta Sim Clair, have refused all offers of assistance from the NZ embassy.  Really? when one considers the stiff penalties for drug offences in India we think most New Zealanders abroad would be looking for every bit of help they could muster. Why refuse help, it just doesn’t make sense. Surely the plight of people like ‘banged up abroad’ drugs carrier Schapelle Corby can’t be far from their minds?

The Tribune India shed a bit more light on the story by reporting:

“Two New Zealand nationals, including a woman, have been arrested for possessing charas, the police said yesterday. Allan Bruce Mills and his girlfriend Peta Sim Clair were arrested from Bhuntar, near here, on Thursday and 96 gm of charas was recovered from their possession, Superintendent of Police KK Indoria said.

He said the couple was also carrying foreign currency worth Rs 22 lakh. They have been booked under the NDPS Act.

“The New Zealand Embassy in New Delhi has been informed about their arrest,” the police official added.

In recent years, the Kullu valley has gained notoriety as a drug haven.

According to the police, the foreigners are providing high-yield variety cannabis seeds imported from Holland and Russia to farmers for planting in various high-altitude areas like Malana, Bhelang, Melandar, Magic and Kutlah in the Kullu valley as well as the Chauhar and Seraj valleys in Mandi district.”

The couple are now out on bail and we’re left guessing as to why they were arrested in the first place.

New Zealand has a rep for being the country with the highest levels of cannabis use.

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