1080: DOC Staffer Censors Wikipedia To Remove Anti 1080 Information

We saw something similar happen with Palmerston North’s entry in Wikipedia (see P.N’s Wikipedia entry censored), now a DOC employee has edited Wikipedia to remove links to anti 1080 groups. See the actual 23 July Wikipedia edits here: ‘article edit’ and ‘link removed’. There was also a much older edit made from the same IP address on 6 Jan 2009 when a link to the’ Stop 1080 Poison Group’ was removed.
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“Department of Conservation (DOC) is working to track down a staff member who deleted anti-1080 information from a Wikipedia page while at work.

The staffer deleted a reference to films against the poison on Friday from the online encyclopaedia’s “1080 usage in New Zealand” page, The Press reported.

A link to the Stop 1080 Poison lobby group was also removed.

The amendments were traced to DOC through its internet protocol address.

DOC spokesman Rory Newsam told NZPA that IT staff were working to track down where on the department’s 1800-computer network the deletion was made, before steps were taken to find out which staff member was involved.

It was hoped the computer used would be identified within the next 48 hours.

The action was a breach of DOC’s internet-use policy, Mr Newsam said.

He was unable to say what sort of action would be taken against the employee.

The removed sentences read: “Steve and Clyde Graf have produced two DVDs about the effects of 1080 on New Zealand wildlife.

“The first, A Shadow of Doubt, released in 2006 and rated Adults Only (AO), is a 90-minute feature film. The second film, Paradise Poisoned, was released in July 2009.”

Christchurch man Alan Liefting, who set up the “1080 usage in New Zealand” page last September, resurrected the information within 30 minutes.

He told The Press debate was being “stifled” by “bad-faith editing” by public servants wasting their time.

“It’s not up to DOC employees to do this sort of thing.”

Indeed. Surely they’ve got far more important things to do with their tax payer funded time than to make so many edits to Wikipedia.

You can find a link to Clyde and Steve Graf’s blog here:

Poisoning Paradise – The grafboys.blogspot.com

You may be interested to read an article by Patricia Whiting-OKeefe, PhD (Chemistry), Quinn Whiting-OKeefe, BA (Chemistry, Math), MA (Math), MD, FACMI titled:

DoC & The 1080 Fraud

About a year ago we learned that DoC was routinely and indiscriminately dropping food laced with tonnes of a universal poison, 1080 into our forest ecosystems. Ostensibly, this aerial poisoning of our forests is being done to control possums. DoC asserts that only possums and other so-called “pests” are significantly poisoned. As scientists and life-long environmentalists, we were struck that this contention appears to violate the most fundamental ecological principles as well as common sense.
Is it plausible that one could drop food mixed with a poison that kills all animals into a semi-tropical ecosystem and only negatively affect possums and other “pests”? This question is particularly relevant now in light of the upcoming aerial 1080 drop into the Coromandel watershed.
In science, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. We resolved to determine whether the extraordinary claims of DoC have the weight of extraordinary evidence behind them. The answer is unequivocal: they do not. After months of investigation, we found that 1080 research, almost entirely sponsored and controlled, by DoC sustained six conclusions, which given the large cost and risks of DoC’s aerial 1080 program we find truly astonishing………read on here

The complete revision history of the censored Wikipedia page, with associated IP addresses may be seen here: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=1080_usage_in_New_Zealand&action=history

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