Debbie Kohner Survey On Racial Abuse In Nelson & Tasman

A survey by Debbie Kohner has revealed that more than 90% of all non-Europeans in Nelson and Tasman area have suffered racial abuse of one form or another, from abuse directed at children as young as five to frequent comments from passing cars. It’s a shocking statistic. I don’t believe that this problem is confined to one region, racism is endemic in NZ and seems to stem from xenophobia in many places. I’d also like to see the figures for how many people of European origin have experienced racial abuse (often from other ‘Europeans’) because we do hear news reports about accent rage as in the cases of Irish man Robbie O’brien, and the 6 English and Dutch tourists beaten and stabbed in Cashel Mall and anti American vitriol.

Debbie Kohner is a solicitor from Northern Ireland and no stranger to the issues of conflict and racism which she studied whilst in Belfast, there the consequences of irrational and stupid prejudices are all too well known about. She’s also the granddaughter of Jewish refugees who fled the Sudetenland during the second world war and so seems superbly equipped as an outsider to define and examine racism in New Zealand with an expert eye.

Her survey included such simple questions as “Have you ever been treated badly because of how you look, the way you speak or where you come from?” Read more here: Racial abuse high in Nelson

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4 thoughts on “Debbie Kohner Survey On Racial Abuse In Nelson & Tasman

  1. In my country my culture has been oppressed by the white people,because the white people,won’t to rule,domination over our lives and culture,our language is not allowed to be spoken in this modern day and age

  2. I ask why you think this is so,……………………the worlds indigenious cultures all over the world,have been intimidated to the extent,that their exitance,values,language and culture have been oppressed to the extent of extintion and climatized by the hand of white people………show this is not true,,,,

  3. Come on. World wide stats show whites are the biggest victims of racial abuse including sexual and non-whites the biggest perpetrators. The race of the attackers is only revealed by the media if they are white.

    I am Scot/Irish but look Jewish and maybe even a Cohen down my Mothers side. However, I have been abused ONCE for 'being Jewish' and 100s of times for 'being white'. Obama was called the n-word ONCE – in high school.

    The holocaust mentality has made Kohner (Cohen) biased against Europeans in her work. To many Jews, there is no difference between Irish and German – All whites are Nazis.

    Kohner's Frankfurt-school work smacks of racism itself and could easily qualify as hate speech.

    As could the medias approach. Look at the recent debacle in Aussie where the Asian students were being attacked – the newspapers allowed everyone to believe the attackers were white. After the internet became abuzz with anti-white abuse from Asians, it became clear that most of the attackers were not white.

    In the current biased climate, where the whole world is full of institutionalized 'anti-western' (anti-white) sentiment and policy – threatening our culture, beliefs, way of life and very existence, you cant fault oppressed whites for losing their cool once in a while and calling someone a curry muncher.

    I would have thought Kohner, being a Jew, would be the first to understand that.

    • huh? where’d you get this facts mate? I have never heard of a non-white guy attacking a white guy for fun. The idea if superiority and hate came from the white man.

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