Visitors Permit If Migrants Lose Their Jobs But Only If Still On Probabtion

By Lincon Tan, New Zealand Herald

Changes to immigration policy will make it tougher for migrant workers thinking of coming to New Zealand, but will ease requirements for some who have lost their jobs and are already here.

Migrant workers who lose their jobs during the probationary 90-day period will not only get a further three months’ visitors permit, but their children will also be allowed to continue schooling as domestic students.

However, those coming to NZ on a seasonal employment scheme can no longer support applications by their partner or dependent children to come here too.

As well, visas issued under the essential skills work policy will be limited to one year for lower-skilled workers.

The amendments will be effective from July 27, says Immigration NZ.”

This is really tinkering around the edges isn’t it. Many will be very disappointed to see that this only applies to workers who lose their jobs whilst still on probation, it’s still going to be extremely tough for people who’ve settled-in and worked in NZ for longer than 90 days.

Neither is there any talk of hardship assistance during the 3 month period when migrants are moved on to visitors visas and unable to work.

Nor does there seem to be any easing of the apparent requirement for employers to ‘market test’ a migrant’s job for a suitable Kiwi replacement when their work visa expires.

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