Pregnant Lithuanian Tourist, INZ Still Getting It Wrong

Following numerous news stories this morning about the INZ forcing a Lithuanian Tourist to leave NZ despite complications from a high risk pregnancy (see Another pregnant woman kicked out ) Jonathan Coleman, Immigration minister, has had to react swiftly to limit further damage to the bruised and battered reputation of INZ.

INZ wrote to Mrs Skiauteris saying “As you no longer hold a valid permit, you must arrange to leave New Zealand immediately. If you do not leave, Immigration NZ may take further action against you.” despite Mrs Skiauteris’ antenatal consultant Alex Ivancevic writing to them to tell them “Her pregnancy is a high risk … She is strongly advised bed rest and avoidance of any activity that might potentially provoke pre-term labour.”

The text of Jonathan Coleman’s press release is as follows:

“Pregnant Lithuanian visitor can stay

Immigration New Zealand’s decision to decline a visitor’s permit to a Lithuanian woman suffering pregnancy complications was a poor one, says Immigration Minister Dr Jonathan Coleman.

“Immigration New Zealand has reviewed the decision and offered the woman a visitor’s permit allowing her to remain in New Zealand beyond the birth of her child. While her visitor’s permit remains valid she is able to apply for further permits,” Dr Coleman says.

“The woman had been advised by her doctor that travelling would place herself and her unborn baby at risk.

“I believe that declining the permit was a poor decision by the department. I am pleased that common sense has prevailed and that the woman has now been issued a permit allowing her to stay in New Zealand.”

A recent Auditor-General’s report into Immigration New Zealand raised serious concerns about the quality of decision making processes within the organisation, and found an unacceptable variation in quality of decision making between branches.

“The Auditor-General’s report highlighted the need for improvement at all levels of the organisation. Substantial improvements to decision making and service as outlined in that report must be made,” Dr Coleman says.

“The department must deliver a consistently high standard of service to its customers.”

Great news for Mr and Mrs Skiauteris. Isn’t a bit of adverse publicity a wonderful thing.

Here’s hoping for a safe and trouble free delivery for the couple and that they are able to access the services they need in New Zealand.

3 thoughts on “Pregnant Lithuanian Tourist, INZ Still Getting It Wrong

  1. Do people have to be on the waiting list when the baby wanted to come out? If that is the case then the health system here needs to be changed. There are New Zealanders in Europe who have given birth there, I have never heard of any news about them being told to leave because they will exhaust the health system. It is not a very good excuse because it is an indication that someone in the government is not doing his or her job.

  2. Also, this woman must have lied on her original permit request, hence her comment "I thought it wouldn't be an issue'If she had of said she was pregnant she would have been denied entry in the first place.

  3. I am glad this woman was granted a temporary visitors permit to allow her to give birth in safety and without additional risk. We should as a country not intentionally harm people!!However, once her visa expires, she will have to leave NZ.Even if people are willing to pay for treatment we still have a supply shortage. Otherwise we would not have waiting lists!

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