Porirua On Tenterhooks As Criminal Released Back Into The Community

A potentially dangerous criminal has been released into the Porirua community after the parole board failed in its efforts to keep him imprisoned.

According to the Domion Post “The Parole Board exhausted all legal avenues to keep him in prison after deeming him likely to reoffend upon release. He is not considered sick enough to be held under the Mental Health Act.

The unnamed man was imprisoned for 10 years for kidnapping, indecent assault, aggravated robbery and arson.

Armed with a knife, he invaded a family home, tied up a couple and robbed their house while their two young children slept upstairs. He then severed a gas line and set fire to their home.

“The man had written to a judge threatening to kill a child for every year he was in prison, but said yesterday he had been sick when he wrote it.”

Porirua’s Deputy Mayor Litea Ah Hoi said

“He has a very violent criminal history but he has done his time. After 10 years everybody needs to be given a second chance.”

Yes, but who wants to take the risk when even a parole board tried their best to keep him under lock and key. Now a whole community is to be imprisoned behind locked doors.

Should the rights of one individual outweigh the right of the many to feel safe in their own homes?

And what if Mr X were to forget to take his medication but remember his threat to kill 10 children. Who is going to take responsibility for keeping him under proper medical surveillance for the next 50 years?

Time for a change in the law.