Two Possible Swine Flu Cases in Waikato

A media release from Waikato District Health Board, made on Monday 27 April

“Waikato District Health Board is investigating two possible cases of Swine Flu today.

These people and their household contacts (people they have been in regular contact with) are being tested to determine whether they have Influenza A (Swine Flu is a sub-set of A).

Both cases, Waikato DHB residents, are being isolated within their homes until the test results come back within the next 24 hours.

Both possible cases fit the case definition for Swine Flu, and have returned from the United States within the past two weeks.

“Currently, as per Ministry of Health guidelines, Tamiflu will be prescribed for probable and confirmed cases and their household contacts (as appropriate),” said Waikato DHB medical officer of health Dr Anita Bell.

“So if these two test results come back as being positive, they will then be administered with the medication.”

“Dealing with influenza and pandemic is our business. It is what we do and something we have been prepared for, for at least two years now,” said Population Health Service group manager Barbara Garbutt.

“We are comfortable with our previous pandemic planning and are keeping in regular contact with the Ministry of Health on this event.”

If anyone is suffering influenza-like illness and has travelled to either Mexico or America within the past two weeks, or been in contact with someone who has, they should call their general practitioner immediately, said Dr Bell.”