Teacher Stabbed in Auckland Classroom

In an incident that has echoes of similar attacks in countries such as the UK a male high school teacher has been stabbed in his classroom at a New Zealand high school.

The stabbing occurred at Avondale College, Auckland.

Source NZ Herald

David Warren, a Caucasian 50 year old teacher taking a Japanese class, was stabbed in the back by a student whilst writing on a classroom whiteboard.

Initial reports were that he was in a serious condition but later news is that is he is expected to leave hospital soon.

Police have arrested a 17 year old Korean student in connection with the attack.

College was in Lock Down; Students told not to speak to media

The Herald stated that

“…One reader emailed nzherald.co.nz to say that her daughter was a student at the school and had been locked in the college’s squash courts while police searched for the teacher’s attacker.

Avondale College principal Brent Lewis told nzherald.co.nz students had been asked not to speak to the media but said reports they would be expelled if they did so were untrue.

He said school would continue as normal tomorrow…”

Earlier in the day this appeared on Stuff.co.nz

“The teacher – ‘Mr Warren’, according to information given to students – was taken to Auckland Hospital in a serious condition with wounds to the top of his back. The incident happened at 11.42am.

“A student stabbed a teacher in the back while he was writing on the whiteboard,” a police spokesman said. The student then “just walked off”.

A police statement said a 17-year-old international student was found at a Blockhouse Bay property about an hour after the stabbing and was being spoken to by police. An associate of the Korean teenager – who had only been at Avondale College for a couple of weeks – was also at the home and assisting police.

About 20 students were in the class at the time of the stabbing – the third period of the school day – and are receiving counselling.

One shocked student being propped up by her father was led from the school gates about an hour after the stabbing. Too upset to speak to media, she only nodded when asked if she’d seen the teacher be stabbed.

The classroom where the stabbing happened has been cordoned off.

College principal Brent Lewis said the school was now in “lockdown“. While the incident was very upsetting, he now had to concentrate on dealing with students and staff.”

Residents fed up with Avondale College students brawling

31 October 2008

Source Stuff.co.nz

“A Highbury St resident told the Avondale Community Board on Tuesday that fights between up to 40 Avondale College students have taken place.

On two occasions last term police were called in to break up or prevent fights in the culde-sac street, which students use as a thoroughfare to the school.

The resident, who didn’t want to be named, said students also smoke outside homes, damage private property, and verbally abuse neighbours.

“These serious fights are scary for residents,” she said.”

2006 Stabbings

In October 2006 Manaola Kaumeafaiva (14) died and a 16 year old youth was stabbed in the arm in what police called a “random act of fatal violence” outside the college following a church run hip-hop competition held in the auditorium. 16 year old Petani Fa’avae was later sentenced to a life sentence for the murder.

At the time of the murder a TVNZ report said:

“Although the stabbings don’t appear to be gang related, many in West Auckland are concerned about rising violence among groups of youth.

Police say the two victims do not have gang connections, didn’t know their attacker and it is not thought that they even knew each other.

The two boys were students of Avondale College.”

Wikipedia entry for Avondale College:

“currently one of the largest secondary schools in New Zealand with 2,654 students, with 108 of those being international students[1]. There is a large cultural diversity within the school, with an ethnic composition of New Zealand European/ Pākehā 28%, Māori 9%, Samoan 15%, Chinese 12%, Indian 9%, other Asian 7%, other European 5%, Tongan 4%, Niuean 3%, other Pacific 2%, Other 6%. Around 50 different countries are represented in the student body and each of these is represented by a flag in the gymnasium.

The principal of Avondale College and head of the 179 teachers is Brent Lewis. Many staff members of Avondale College come from Britain…

Avondale has a sister school in Japan called Daito Bunka, which is a preparatory school for Daito Bunka University, Tokyo.