Attempted Abductions in Wellington and a Brothel Hold-Up


“Police are worried a man who tried to force a 20-year-old woman into his car late at night in Wellington could strike again.

Police are seeking help to identify the short, fat, balding Asian or Middle Eastern man who approached the woman as she walked home from a trip to her local service station in Newtown about 11.30pm on Friday.

Detective Paul Baskett told NZPA the man, who was dressed in a white T-shirt and jeans, pulled up alongside the woman and asked if she would like to get into his white four-door car.

When she refused he pulled his car across a driveway in front of her, got out and tried to wrestle her into the vehicle.

But the woman “made a lot of noise” and the man fled when two people called out from across the other side of the road.

Mr Baskett said the man’s attempt to abduct the woman had worrying “sexual overtones” and police were concerned he could strike again.

Police wanted to hear from anyone who could help them identify the man, including the couple on the other side of the road who intervened.

He said the woman estimated him to be about 1.65m tall. His balding hair was closely shaved and he spoke with an accent.

The incident happened on Adelaide Rd.”


The abduction attempt bears remarkable similarities with other attacks.

One occurred 2 kms. away in the city in September of last year.

In that incident a 19 year old woman fought off an attacker who tried to drag her into his light coloured, four door car on Cambridge Terrace, near the Woburn Railway Station carpark.

She described him as being “about 173cm tall with dark skin and the appearance of an Indian or Somalian. He was wearing a dark-coloured parka type jacket with the hood up.”

See this link to Google maps that shows the locations of the two attacks: LINK

In August 2005 there was an abduction attempt on a 13 year old girl in the Newton/Melrose area involving a white, 4 door car.

The attacker, who came from the direction of Melrose, was described as “tall, dark skinned, big build and possibly with facial stubble. He was wearing a bulky black hoody, and possibly dark coloured pants. “

The incident occurred at the junction of Mt Albert Road and Lavaud Street which is not far from Adelaide Street.

Brothel Hold Up

Also in the news from Wellington this morning was an armed robbery at the brothel “Il Bordello” which occurred at last night. The robber, who used a sawn off rifle, escaped with a large amount of cash.

The female receptionist, who had tried to escape during the robbery but was dragged back, is still in shock after the traumatic incident.

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