Net Migration from New Zealand to Australia at 30 Year High

Statistics New Zealand today released data that shows permanent and long term (PLT) departures from New Zealand to Australia have reached a 30 year high.

In the year to October 2008 the net PLT outflow reached 34,600, up from 26,500 in the previous year .

Meanwhile the overall net migration gain in the year to October was the lowest in 7 years at 87,400 PLT arrivals.

In October immigration consultant Tika Ram said his business had plummeted 30% in the last year, migration interest had been “close to zero”:

“The arrogance” of Immigration New Zealand and New Zealand’s “impractical immigration policies” were a turn-off to would-be migrants.

Ridiculous immigration polices

“The immigration policies we have are not well thought-out, and written as knee-jerk responses – they are ridiculous and killing the flow of migrants,” said Mr Ram.

National Party finance spokesman Bill English said the statistics were a reminder that New Zealand had major fundamental economic issues long before the current international crisis, and the increasing pace of the exodus showed New Zealand needed growth so New Zealanders could earn higher wages and have a better quality of life here.

Act Party candidate and former finance minister Sir Roger Douglas warned that more New Zealanders would leave if nothing was done to the economy, which he said was “hanging in the balance”.

Avalanche of people leaving for Australia

“The avalanche of people leaving New Zealand to go to Australia over the past year will be seen as a trickle if we don’t put our house in order,” Sir Roger said.

“The global meltdown means we’re facing a financial tsunami.”

Source: NZ Herald