Is this a Good Time To Move Back to New Zealand?

The New Zealand Herald recently run a story that New Zealanders abroad were rushing to return home after their banking and finance jobs in the UK were squeezed out.

However, on closer examination it seems that this “rush home” is nothing but a steady stream of enquiries from expat Kiwis who were either uncertain about their present job security or have recently been made unemployed. There is nothing to say that the job market for them in New Zealand would be more secure, nor are there vacancies that can be filled which offer suitable salaries.

The Herald has invited readers to comment on the article, the vast majority of respondents chose to give reasons why they would not return to New Zealand. Their responses may be useful for potential migrants looking for a “safe haven” in the current global credit meltdown.

nb (Wellington City)If you’re ready for NZ & its isolation & insularity, then jump right in, but for those who’ve spent more than 5 years abroad & have become used to the benefits that large & diverse economies bring, stay put.

NZ can be very over-rated. The UK, US etc fall hard but bounce back equally as strongly. Same can’t be said about NZ. Recruitment agencies & their clients (not sure who is more culpable) take a narrow view of what they deem relevant experience & are very risk averse.

Reflects most of them have been recruiting for low level jobs with low wages – more akin to placing people on a production line. Despite best efforts of those who talk up the ‘lifestyle’, this is, and will remain, a low skills/low wages destination.

Junior Doc leaving (Whangarei) I can’t believe there are people returning willingly to NZ. It sounds to me that they are forced to return. As for me, I am leaving for Oz where junior doctors are better supported and valued. I sincerely wish this country well. My husband and I will be leaving for good.”

TomG (Canada) “Not a chance – education sucks, prices suck, wages suck, government triple sucks. Here I am closer to the rest of the world – can vacation in the US after a five hour drive, takes less than half the time to fly to Europe.

Nahh might be an ok place to retire but my kids have way more opportunities here.

Weather sucks and crime sucks. I love that you can drive into the rockies and just wander off for the day not worrying about whether your car will have wheels when you return, kids leave brand new bikes on the unfenced lawn overnight and they’re still there to put away in the morning.”

amian UK (United Kingdom) “We left NZ ten years ago and while we return every two to three years to see family, friends and check on assets held, it is unlikely that we will return permanently.

NZ is a great place for a holiday but ‘challenging’ both politically and financially. I work in global banking so I find it hard to believe that there would be more jobs in NZ banking than in the UK.

In fact the structure of the NZ banking system as set up by Labour is a disaster waiting to happen. The lack of regulatory framework and ‘cowboy mentality’ means that the average punter is likely to be hammered even more in the months ahead.

I miss surf beaches where I am the only person out on the waves and seawater warm and clean enough to swim in most of the year without a wetsuit. I also miss the laid back attitude of my friends but don’t miss the difficulties of raising money for new business ventures and the opportunities to work on major ideas and projects with global impact.

That and the fact that you kept Graham Henry as All Black coach means that nothing really has changed in the Kiwi psyche. The memories from the east stand at Cardiff will haunt me for a few more years yet.”

Clint Heine (United Kingdom) “I’ve been in the UK for 5 years and am not coming back to live. My wife and I are moving to her native country – The Czech Republic. They have an excellent health system and have Flat tax, so everybody is equal with paying taxes.unlike in NZ where Labour have robbed the population and made higher earners feel like criminals.

NZ will always be nice to go on holiday to, but the country over the last decade has gone backwards. It is scary reading that the PM made cruel jokes about the enormous amount of people leaving each week. She didn’t care despite her Govt creating this disaster.

My wife has said NZ is turning into what her country was like under Socialism and when I told her family what we were paying in tax overall, on top of a dodgy healthcare and education system they all agreed they were better off. and NZ thinks it is a lucky place? I feel sad that I am turning my back on the place – but Kiwis let this happen”.