Man Dies After Unprovoked Attack in Wanganui

Police have launched a murder investigation following what seems to be an unprovoked attack on a 28 year old man in the town of Wanganui yesterday. Mr Kumeroa suffered serious head injuries and died this morning, he leaves behind an 18 month old son.
Source: NZ Herald, 25 Sept, 2008

“Detective Inspector Sue Schwalger said Mr Kumeroa was walking along Cross Street in the suburb of Castlecliff about 9.45pm on Tuesday when a vehicle pulled up and the occupants assaulted him in a vicious and what appeared to be an unprovoked attack.

Mr Kumeroa’s death had been reported to the coroner and a post mortem examination would be conducted later today.”

Elderly Man Attacked in Home Invasion

Source:, 9 Sept 2008

Only a few weeks ago an elderly man was attacked in his home in Wanganui by two males in their mid teens. The resident was robbed and assaulted with an undisclosed weapon. He was later admitted to Wanganui hospital.

There is no information at this stage as to whether the two incidents are connected.

Wanganui Gang Crime a Growing Problem

Source:, 30 July 2008

In July Michel Laws, mayor of Wanganui, called for gang patches to be banned in a effort to halt the rise in gang related crime that is occurring in the town

“Mr Laws said gang crime in the city had spiked in the past four years and due to a lack of strong action at a national level a local solution was needed.

Police data issued under the Official Information Act and presented to the committee showed a steady rise in gang-related violence, with 99 offences recorded in 2007, up from just 12 in 2004.

Gang-related drug crimes rose from 17 to 39 over the same period and dishonesty offences from 28 to 90. The papers did not specify if the figures were for arrests or convictions.”

Man Arrested in Connection with Fatal Shooting

At the start of July police arrested 29- man in connection with the fatal shooting of Nadine Timmins which took place in the Castlecliff area of Wanganui. Ms Timmins, who was shot in the head, died the next day