Christchurch’s Weekend Battleground

Source: Court News, 9 Sept 2008

“Part of central Christchurch is becoming a battleground at the weekend, a judge commented as he dealt with two cases of inner-city anger in court today.

The problem area is around Moorhouse Avenue.

“Saturdays and early Sunday mornings, this area of Christchurch is becoming a battleground,” said Christchurch District Court Judge Stephen Erber.

He signalled that the courts would not treat offenders leniently, after two separate cases came before him, one straight after the other.

In the first case, 19-year-old Matthew Lloyd, now working in Fox Glacier, admitted a charge of wilful damage. There had been words exchanged between his car-load of people and a Toyota. When the car was seen later near the corner of Moorhouse and Fitzgerald Avenues, there were more words and as the other car drove away, Lloyd threw a bottle which smashed the back window.

He told the police he did it because the occupants made him angry.

Lloyd was fined $300 and ordered to pay $140 for the damage.

Reuben Game admitting assaulting a passenger in another car, punching him several times as he sat in the car seat. The 24-year-old glazier also said he did this because the occupants of the other car made him angry.

He was unable to pay a fine, having been declared bankrupt two months ago.

Judge Erber ordered him to do 100 hours of community work and pay for his victim’s $80 medical bill.”