Migrant Tales: “Yeah this is the land of milk and honey..” Life After NZ is Sweet

A land of milk in honey, escape from New Zealand can be sweet

Welcome to the latest in our Migrant Tales series – first hand accounts of the migrant experience of New Zealand.

Occasionally we like to publish good news stories. Here’s one from a reader who managed to make it out of the misery of earthquake stricken Christchurch,  and who is now enjoying the sweet life in Europe.

Here’s her story, we wish her every success.

“Hello E2NZ and everybody ! From…LONDON !!! Yeah I did it..made it too they the other side ! But boy oh boy it sure was an adventure an big jump ! So.. first let me just say I am happy for these guy’s they have made it back to paradise too ! Congratulations guy’s !!! Yeah i can imagine prices in Auckland can flip your budget over the top. .. It sounds crazy but the prices must have skyrocketed there i am sure.. i hope you guy’s sold your home with an good profit though.

Well as for my story..after 5 years spending mainly in Christchurch of course there is much to tell..will do that story one day. but for now i want to share a bit of my escape from NZ.
So half December 2016 my husband and me left Christchurch new Zealand. We managed to save up enough money and got our car sold just on time !. Then we bought the last cheap ticket of the year to Brisbane Australia. And yeah that was an shot in the rose !! My goodness Paradise yeah !

And so we had of the best summers of my life there in the sunshine coast ! We stayed in Australia for three months travelling but unfortunately i had to let go of my husband. When we arrived in Bali he left to his family in Holland… I think he just couldn’t cope with it anymore meeting some rough aussies and trying to get over the trauma’s in nz.

Anyway i still had an great good month in bali and after that decided to go back to Aussie.i stayed for about an month and an half because there was no opportunity for me to get an visa. the working holiday visa didn’t get through.

And i felt i needed to see my mum after 6 years being away from home as she needed my help too. Besides it was getting quite cold and rainy in Aussie so I thought it wouldn’t be too bad spending an summer in Europe… saving my money back again.

So I spend about an month with my mum in Holland met a few friends including my ex husband !! And it was good seeing him after months ! where it all started…

Got a few jobs saved some money and then found an job in Portugal . It’s only 25 euro to London so I thought it would be nice to have an holiday..for about an week. Later the job in Portugal got cancelled and So i stayed in London found an job and good friends. Funny enough I got to live with an kiwi who will never return to new zealand either…

Now i found an even better job with super pay and you wouldn’t believe it also an kiwi works here!! even in aussie i met so many kiwi’s from Christchurch. ..Surprised ?

Well and so here i am still in London and no plans of leaving… Not settling down here but meeting amazing people and i will see where it takes me while i stock up the bank account…

and yeah the groceries…WTF most things for vegans 1 pound ?

WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T I COME HERE BEFORE ?! yeah this is the land of milk and honey..

my plan is to apply for an visa to go to Canada before my next birthday in march and see who i can bring with me hahah

all best of luck for all who are still stuck !”

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