Migrant Tales – Extreme Skill Shortage for the Next Ten Years? Don’t be Fooled. There are No Jobs Here

Don’t fall for the ‘skills shortage’ hard sell. The odds are stacked against migrant workers in NZ.

Welcome to the latest in our Migrant Tales series, first hand accounts of migrant life in New Zealand.

Today’s tale was written by an electronic engineer who believed the ‘extreme skill shortage’ hype put out by immigration organisations. Like many migrants before him he found out there is no real skills shortage in New Zealand and that overseas workers find it hard to get work commensurate with their skills and experience:

Here’s his story:

“Extreme Skill Shortage for the next ten years”. Yes these are the words shown to the skilled people of the world by New Zealand immigration.

I am one of them .

I am an electronic engineer, and I left my job when I saw these deceptive words by NZ immigration.

When I came here,I found most of the so called “extreme skill shortage” category immigrants are either driving taxis or working as security guards. Most of them earn minimum wages of about 500 NZ dollars per week.

Out of these 500 ,they give about 400 to their landlords as rent and they try hard to live in the rest of the money.

In reality, the skilled immigrants are just working to earn for the landlords of New Zealand. Whatever they save in the end,goes as income tax. Such an evil trap created by the NZ immigration.

Be aware,don’t be fooled.There are no jobs here.”

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24 thoughts on “Migrant Tales – Extreme Skill Shortage for the Next Ten Years? Don’t be Fooled. There are No Jobs Here

  1. Very important fact,the N.Z building industry does not want new people ,unless you are based in Auckland.The industry at the Wellington end is completely sewn up by a very few people,these people only use their friends and relatives to work with,this means their brother in law will do your roofing ,their cousin will do your plumbing etc etc,so when you ask a builder when your stuff will be done he’ll quote the media propaganda and tell you everyone is booked up for 3 months ,this means his personal contacts are booked up ,it’s another complete lie,as an outsider you will never break into this corrupt crap ,these people are happy to make people wait months to get their projects completed so long as their cousins brothers wife’s son does the job ,meanwhile many competent people give up and head for Auckland where nepotism is less prevalent.

  2. Hahah just watched the news apparently we need more immigrant workers all the people begging for more immigrant workers were clean fat white kiwis while the workers were wearing plastic shit proof suits and milking the cows all from the Philippines ,fuck you lazy idiot kiwis you are not kings you are island dwellers in the small freezing island of N.Z

  3. I have extensive experience in one of the named skill shortage areas ,I have spent large amounts of money to obtain N.Z equiviliancy ,It is not even possible to get an interview for even the most stupid basic jobs ,for this reason I know it’s not my demeanour or personality as I have never had a face to face interview in 3 years ,in fact most employers won’t even acknowledge the fact that you sent them a C.V ,I am white and 5th generation N.Zer if you are from another country I can only imagine what a joke it would be to imagine getting a job which you do not create for yourself.

  4. Yeah it ain’t fair and kinda sucks. Like everything’s the reverse in the Antipodes, up is down, good is bad and so on.

  5. Also no houses and f…k all help for the homeless,a recent Yale university study finds N.Z housing in a crisis point,40000 homeless in N.Z and in typical Kiwi style Nationals Amy Adams (minister of housing or homelessness) is already refuting the Yale study saying they’ve used incorrect data and the morons at Yale have got it all wrong while the socially conscious National party have got it all right and actually there is now a surplus of homes hahaha,the emperors new cloths.

  6. Ahhhh… the old mantra of jobs and growth the Nats keep spouting. All bullshit. The rich get richer and the poor can get fucked as far as they’re concerned. You don’t earn a job here. You get given one of the paltry few that are available if you know someone and you’re not too foreign looking.

  7. There seems to be a shortage of jobs for everyone to be honest. Skilled and non skilled, there is no longer full time work. Everything is unstable. People are being forced to work various part time jobs simply because permanent full time work has vanished. And good luck trying to buy a house, the house prices are bad enough, but trying to pay a mortgage when you don’t know how many hours a week you’ll be working and for how long the job will be. I’ve noticed a trend where companies will hire new people for a few months paying them only minimum wage, and then instead of upping their wage, just fire them and replace with someone else for minimum wage. I’m only 19 and yet there already appears to be no future, what has happened to my beloved country???

    • It is very sad Emma, as we were once proud, but now…. I can see how the suicide rate is where it is. I fail to
      see how it all went so wrong. The neo-liberal gummint I guess, and the sleepy hobbits. Not to mention all the psycho hobbits.

  8. I will never forget the time I had people over to watch a couple of movies and we couldn’t get TV to go and DVD player wasn’t working. In comes pizza guy with pizza we ordered an hour before and said he was an engineer and that for extra twenty bucks he will get things going for us. He fixed everything and so he should of as he was only nuclear scientist with two degrees in advanced engineering who brought his whole family over from India after being head hunted by NZ Government to work in Transport industry here. According to him he was let go by Transit almost the moment he arrived in NZ and unable to find work he was forced to deliver pizzas to look after family while trying to save up enough money to send themselves back home … 😦

    • Like many things in NZ, it’s completely backwards, which is EXACTLY the way things are here.

      This is the country where: working hard and saving money will result in you having LESS; where having more kids and moving into a bigger home will result in you having MORE; where getting a tradesman to fix something will result in you doing most of the work yourself to get the job done properly; where getting something delivered to your DOOR results in it being left in the mailbox; where it takes less time for a parcel to go from London to Auckland than Auckland to Wellington and even longer to send a letter across town; and where getting an education results in FEWER job prospects due to Tall Poppy Syndrome, and causes many people to end up on minimum wage. Nothing makes any sense here, it’s like living in a mental asylum.

      • While it is true most of what you say, “where getting something delivered to your DOOR results in it being left in the mailbox; where it takes less time for a parcel to go from London to Auckland than Auckland to Wellington and even longer to send a letter across town”. I’ve never had this problem. For example something was ordered on a Thursday afternoon from Auckland and arrived here (small town in the manawatu) on Friday, at the door. This was usual shipping, and same with things from overseas, once in the country it only takes a day or so to arrive. Perhaps the courier service isn’t as good in cities though? Honestly I thought the postal service was the one thing that isn’t bad here, but perhaps I’m wrong?

        • One thing I’d HIGHLY recommend to anyone who’s had a bad experience/been ripped off by a NZ company is to leave a scathing review on Google reviews if the option is available. Can’t tell you how satisfying that was for me.

          I’ve already had the owner of one company try to smear me in his replies and its very telling when they instantly jump to their defence because of their guilty and twisted conscience. If only I could get in a boxing ring with these scum bags….

        • I’ve regularly had parcels take 3 days to come from the USA or the UK to NZ, that then take more than a WEEK, often two weeks, to make it from Auckland to Wellington. One parcel from Amazon took so long to make it from Auckland to Wellington (over 4 weeks), that Amazon thought it had been lost. I’ve also had a letter take a week and a half to be delivered between Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt, and $120 university textbooks that were supposed to be delivered to the door, left sitting on top of the mailbox in the rain.

      • what is ird’s deal? its as if they’re discouraging hard work by “taxing” away all your additional income. hard work gets you half of what you get doing normal work. its like a pitfall set up to just resign ourselves to breeding and popping out more mouths for this nanny state’s wellfare to feed

  9. I’ve been singing this song to anyone who will listen for the past 4 years,most kiwis eyes just glaze over and they carry on with their pathetic frugal lives while the government pulls in more and more unsuspecting immigrants,there is a shortage of people who are willing to provide superior work for inferior wages and suffer poor working conditions.Surplus of workers equates to low wages .

    • I’ve said this before too. The skill shortage has 2 key ingredients.

      1. A company wanting to employ the cheapest resource they possibly can. Usually this results in a immigrant getting shafted due to desperation for some money or not understanding how much it cost to live in NZ. Once they understand this and try to get some equity they are deemed ‘an unsuitable fit’ and through devious means moved on. Seen it happen a lot. Note it happens to local nzers as well hence everyone is bitter.

      2. The job adverts are typically one job advertised up to 6 different times through different media and recruitment consultancies. It’s timeshrough biggest scam I have ever seen.

      I talk to many manager’s in various industries and to be honest many typically can’t see past next year’s bonus which only can be achieved by cutting costs. Since the supply chain is such a monopoly this can only be achieved by reducing labour costs. Immigrants are perfect for this. They don’t give two hoots about employees. Of course they will pay lip service right until the moment you are booted. Nz is on the verge of turning into a nightmare with automation. Imagine thousands of low skilled people getting booted to the street.

      • N.Z govt issued another 226,000 student work visas in the last 12 months so not much hope on the horizon ,sadly just more pressure on the overworked Auckland infrastructure while most of the provinces supply cheap housing to listless unemployed kiwis.

      • We just can’t find staff who can pass a drug test and are competent in their field.
        Meaning we have already employed most semi sober members of our own family and are now faced with the fact that we will have to employ an outsider who will probably have way more knowledge and experience than we do and they will challenge our rude lazy moronic existence.

  10. Like many issues in NZ, they are telling the truth in that there is a skills shortage, what they aren’t conveying accurately is the nature of the skills shortage; most people in skilled jobs are simply hopeless at what they do. The skills shortage is in people who are employed, most of whom are woefully incompetent. This doesn’t lead to jobs being available.

    This is exactly what would be expected, in a country that doesn’t place a value on capable and competent people who are good at their jobs, but instead puts the focus on knowing the right people and boot licking.

    If you are good at your job, Kiwis will find it EMBARRASSING as it will highlight their incompetence, and they WILL try to get rid of you. This is the very essence of Tall Poppy Syndrome. This attitude was shown in the British comedy film Hot Fuzz, where the main character is so good at what he does that he is: “making the team look bad,” and is removed from his job. This was used to comic effect, but in NZ, this kind of thing is far more vicious, can RUIN the victim’s career, and takes place ALL THE TIME.

  11. I was on $600 a week as a security guard. Unsustainable. Not only are there no jobs in New Zealand, there is no life. It’s financial and psychological suicide.

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