Migrant Tales – American Told to “Go Back Where You Came From.” After 13 Years, She’s Doing Exactly That

Great news, we’ve got another edition in our very popular Migrant Tales series – first hand accounts of the migrant experience of New Zealand. And what’s more, there’s more like this to come.

Today’s tale was sent to us by a US citizen with a British husband who wasted 13 years of their life on “cold, cold” Kiwis and their racist ways. If you have a migrant tale you’d like to share leave it in the comments section

Here’s her story:

“I am an American and cannot count how many times I was told “go back where you came from”

! I was in NZ about 13 years, worst time of my life and I cannot believe I wasted so many of my years on these cold, cold people. I am a nice, friendly, well traveled American, so I’m not obnoxious, rude, or ignorant like some I’ve met traveling to NZ. In all my years there I have NO FRIENDS!!

! have been back in the USA now for 3 months since leaving and have so many friends so far! People actually come over to my house and hang out! They actually call/text when they say they will! Unlike Kiwis, if you’re not born there and have grown up with others and gone to school there; you’re fucked. NO social life for you! Even when my kid was going to school, I invited all the kids from his class to his birthday and sure, the other parents dropped their kids off then they left. Didn’t even stay to hang out, talk, chat, NOTHING. How awkward!

Also, Kiwis used to be proud of their British heritage and celebrate the fact they are a British commonwealth. Now they think they are special and somehow being proud of your British past is inferior. In doing so, they’ve tried to become this “multicultural, diverse” society (from the top) but the regular people don’t want their country filling up with Asians, Africans, refugees, etc. They barely tolerate their own British cousins! NZ is going to have a VERY big problem on their hands in a few years as all these groups they are bringing in WILL NOT assimilate, either because they don’t want to or can’t. And what you’ll get is an even more reclusive, isolated and detached society. Let’s not get started on the Maori. They can’t stand any newcomers. Which is why I think it is absolutely INSANE to add more groups into the society when the white Kiwis and the Maori have so many problems with each other!

Anyway I could go on and on…..oh yes and the racism is REAL, but not towards the dark skinned folk (because us whites get that too) rather racist towards the BRITISH. They are deliberately turning away white British (& Irish) and replacing with Asians & others. My husband (British) was only getting 1 year work visas at a time and the Filipinos, Asians, Indians, etc. were all getting AUTOMATIC 5 year work visas! Unbelievable! GOODBYE New Zealand! Take a look at whats happening in Europe with the refugee (invaders) and look where you’ll be in 10 years. It will be another 3rd world shit hole!!”

7 thoughts on “Migrant Tales – American Told to “Go Back Where You Came From.” After 13 Years, She’s Doing Exactly That

  1. Totally agree with the article. I found myself very lonely after my closest friends moved away from Auckland (none of them were Kiwis) and it is almost impossible to make friends due to my foreign origin, they just see me as an interesting creature who can tell little bit about other side of the world, no more. It’s sad.

  2. The cheapest form of education is constructive criticism. However the kiwi’s don’t do any form of criticism and will forever be 50 years behind the rest of the world if not falling further behind. Expats that exhibits any signs of innovation or creativity is cut off at the knees. It is a shocking state of affairs that puts culture before anything else and as you say will cost them dearly.

    • Yes…..this. Precisely how I have experience things in New Zealand. If you show anything that shows ambition or talent or Innovacion they will brutalize you until you are emotionally bloodied and scared to death to even show yourself. How can a country survive on mediocrity ?

  3. Thank you for writing this. I am also an American and have been here for 15 years and will be leaving in three weeks. In all that time I have only One Kiwi friend and I only see her on her terms. The tall puppy syndrome here is alive and it is serious. The American culture is not compatible with the Kiwi culture. If you have ambition or if you try to stand out they will knock you down. For example I just had my yearly review and I was lied about and they took $600 off of me. It is very real and very dangerous. My boss is an Australian and he hates Americans as much as the Kiwis do . To go to work and know that you will never be promoted, and that there is this heavy hate in the air is terrible for your self-esteem. I have had enough and I can’t take anymore so I’m going back to America. With all the things that are wrong in America, at least you could have ambition without getting slaughtered for it. Also it is so much easier to make and keep friends in the USA. I have never met so many rude horrible cold people in my entire life since I have lived here.

    • I totally agree with these comments. I am a European national married to a kiwi and I have never encounterd perverse ignorance. It is a hierarchical society and people like to stay under the radar.
      I have left this country for good and will never return

    • After spending 36 weeks in NZ on 5 separate occasions, I do understand something of what you are saying but the Maoris I met were the best. I did find the Kiwis friendly, especially those environmental activists and some of the teachers in schools. I was considering trying to get my residency but was a little worried that living permanently in this country would be very different to taking holidays there.

      • Yes, the only reason I stayed was because as a visitor it was such a charming place to be. All the tourist hotspots treated me beautifully . I could never ever have foreseen how it would all change when I said here permanently .

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