Schools Placed in Lockdown After Reports of Injured Woman in Wealthy Remuera


The effects of violent crime continues to be an ever increasing problem in New Zealand.

The wealthy suburb of Remuera has just been placed in armed lockdown after an injured woman was found on Woodley Avenue.

A Woodley Ave resident said his wife had been told to evacuate as police searched their property. Police told her there was a gunman on the loose, the man said.

A large number of police are in attendance including the armed offenders squad and Eagle helicopter. There are a number of cordons in the area and motorists are asked to avoid the area…source

Here’s how the story unfolded on social media:

In January a 72-year-old man was stabbed in the neck while playing with his grandchildren in Little Rangitoto Reserve, Remuera.

The elderly man was approached by a man who tried to have a conversation with him and an altercation took place and the elderly man was struck in the neck, receiving a deep cut which required medical attention. source

Readers may recall that young mother Jo Pert was stabbed to death as she jogged through the suburb last year.

Joanne Marie Pert

Joanne Pert

Also in the news today:

A 21 woman in the Christchurch suburb of Waltham warded off a sex attack by biting the perpetrator.

A man has been charged with the murder of Mark Beale. Mr Beale was assaulted and left for dead on a Haumoana beach in Hawke’s Bay.

A man has been arrested following the mass shooting in Whangarei we wrote about yesterday.

The trial has been set for the Christchurch GP accused of sexually assaulting male patients.

Kiwi criminals deported from Australia are strengthening New Zealand’s gangs.

A Flaxmere man is found guilty of killing his 2 year old stepson. The toddler died from a serious head injury.

A woman dies after falling from a vehicle in central Christchurch.

A woman in Whangarei speaks out over explicit texts, allegedly from a police officer.

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  1. As I am reading this from an yoga retreat in australia I wish anybody affected by this incident strength and comfort. It truly never ends up there ! All best !

    @nebula ..Did you manage to escape the shithole

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