Above is a screen shot of  the headline news in the NZ Herald home page, 26 January 2016.

Take a closer look…

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One thought on “#OnlyinNZ

  1. Here’s an only in N.Z for yah,There is no local branch for my bank so I decided to open an account with another bank ,I won’t name it but let’s say it begins with kiwi and ends with bank,I went into the branch in the small city I am currently living in and was met by a really horrible bitch teller I knew instantly that she would be as unhelpful as possible as she sneered at me and my work clothes speckled with paint,.First obstacle she tried to lay down was ,well you’ll need photo I.D ,do you have that ,well dahhh yes of course I do,I looked around at the lack of customers and the other two idle tellers shamelessly eavesdropping on the conversation,well you’ll need to make an appointement ,really ? O.K says I ,she grabbed an iPad looked at it and said well there’s nothing available today hahahaha really it was 1.00pm and they had zero customers anyway ,funny thing was I had wanted to open the account to have the $400000 proceeds from the sale of a rental property deposited ,guess I’ll have to find a bank which isn’t so busy and has less hostile staff ,shouldn’t be to hard!

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