Everyday Racism in NZ and “Tangata Fascista”


Racism, everyday in NZ

Today’s post is about everyday racism in New Zealand, using a discussion thread from Twitter.

We’ll let the thread tell the story, but will tell you the background is the recent news about strong anti-immigrant sentiment in New Zealand, especially against students from India and China, and the way they’re exploited in the country. Visit our International Students’ Common Room to find out more.

We’ve also seen a new world entering the NZ vernacular – Tangata fascista – we have a feeling we’ll be seeing it a lot more in future.

18 thoughts on “Everyday Racism in NZ and “Tangata Fascista”

  1. I was interested to read an article by Michael Coote,breakingviewsnz.blogspot.co.nz ,titled
    ” Key leaves lingering racial legacy”, just when you thought N.Z couldn’t become a more difficult place to achieve your goals.

  2. The Racism in NZ stems from inequality. The problem is that an increasing portion of NZ is now deprived or severely deprived and the number is growing exponentially and incorporates all creeds and colors. No matter what a lower or middle educated person does now they are truly screwed (unless they are extremely lucky).

    They get angry/jealous (cant depict a more appropriate word) when someone arrives in the country who can afford a house and a lifestyle. Something that they will never get.

    I can understand this if you are at the bottom of a society. They are desperate and angry. Unfortunately the anger is being directed at the wrong people.

    I don’t condone it I am just calling it like it is. It is only going to get worse.

    Politicians and neo-liberal agenda have created this and it is a world phenomena and not unique to NZ

    I think the western world is heading for a major reset (society breakdown or war). Time will tell

    • It would take an extreme act to motivate N.Z people into any form of action against social inequality,the government officials must laugh their asses off at what they’ve done to the citizens of this once proud nation and how the idiots are so broken and helpless that the continue to suck it up ,no matter how bad it gets N.Z ers will do nothing

      • Actually upon reflection I tend to agree. Nothing will motive NZ people against inequality because they typically don’t care about anything but themselves. If you scratch the surface past the nicety’s people are very guarded and get uncomfortable when you call them on something that is inequitable or socially wrong. They just stare blankly and raise their shoulders. No conversation !!!
        It drives me crazy!!!
        I now and then review the comments on “Stuff’ about inequality and the attitude just amazes me . I will sum it up

        1.If you are poor. Its your Fault you are poor. You are lazy because you are poor
        2.If you are poor you should just work harder. (I see plenty of less well off people working bloody hard… they aren’t getting richer.. I would argue they are getting poorer)
        3.Houses are affordable if you are on the minimum wage..You should just work harder i.e. minimum 80 hrs/week for 60+ Years.
        4.Everyone can become a manager/ professional in a high paying job if you just work harder.. (Yeah right! as we all know the ratio of well paying jobs to minimum wage is probably in the order of 1:10)
        5. I’m the only one that works hard therefore I deserve everything. (Oh did I mention my parent gave me lots of money to help me get were I am today and also sorted a job for me).
        6. We should stop any kind of social welfare as those people are obviously lazy and don’t deserve it.(Never mind that life can deal some bad hands) But give me a 1% tax cut because I work hard and deserve it.

    • The 14 words, and Heil Hitler.
      The 14 words are: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”
      or “Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.”

      Of course, a lot of POC (people of colour) even if they are aware of the meaning, will not dare to say it because they’re afraid their visas will be cancelled or some action taken against them.

      The irony is many migrants leave their home countries for a “better future in NZ” … where they have to keep their head down and be generally servile in a “country with freedom of speech” (or risk retaliation from disgruntled locals).

  3. Whenever politicians or other NZers talk about migrants having to assimilate to ‘NZ culture’, I almost want to laugh because NZ culture is an oxymoron. Aside from Maoris culture, this country has no culture, as it is a colony, and it is merely an ethnic dumpster for anybody who has falsely believed they will find the South Pacific equivalent of the American Dream here.

    NZ culture is an example of a cultural Marxism gone wrong. Migrants deceived by false promises of endless job opportunities, top education systems, good healthcare and a utopian clean and green image. Migrants have brought their life savings, financial assets, craft/workmanship skills and their professional experience in order to do their best to utilise whatever opportunities political PR campaigners have promised them they would find in order to help NZ move forward as a nation in the global arena.

    NZers are “welcoming” to migrants on a superficial level while trying to enforce an asinine way of life upon them centred on rugby, alcoholism, the night life, gambling and excessive consumption. Migrants do their best to try and meet NZers “half way” but often that is not enough for NZers. NZers are not willing to adopt sustainable, long-term changes to their lifestyles in order to excel both individually and collectively. Cowardice among themselves, they constantly blame their politicians for immigration policies yet they fail to recognise the common denominators they share between themselves and these migrants that they love to hate. Both migrants and NZers have been deceived by their politicians. The same politicians who are continuously being reelected have sold NZ out to corporations and have bankrupted this country for their own financial gain. They have tricked NZers into surrendering their sovereignty and freedom while their Rupert Murdoch owned mainstream media (MSM) continues to portray Asian migrants as the on-going enemy.

    NZ is heading towards an imminent collapse. This is inevitable and people are free to keep believing in the myth that everything will still always be good is here, but believe me, shit will still hit the fan sooner than we think. If NZers aspire to work towards any sustainable long term change in hopes of saving whatever is left of their country, they MUST LEARN TO PUT ASIDE ANY RACIAL BIAS they may have towards any/all migrants and allow each to live their own way or at least meet others half way in order to truly work side by side to move forward and succeed collectively as one nation all of us can truly be proud of beyond superficial achievements like triumphing in sports, meat/dairy exports and the ability to deceive international students (cash cows).

    • Most N.Z people are dirt poor ,I understand your sentiments but you still need to dig deeper for your own understanding ,the media here have total mind control and covertly subvert the mindset of the populace ,we have no neighbours so no overlap of News or foriegn perspectives the same way we have no competition for imported goods and therefor pay a fortune for defective cheaply manufactured crap,most kiwis have no idea of the competitive prices and superior goods available elsewhere.

      • Agreed. You are right, Kiwis will only believe the official narrative put out to them via MSM. So what do you think will happen if shit hits the fan? Will Kiwis unite against migrants and have a civil war like what is happening in Europe & North America with an engineered refugee crisis? Or will Kiwis just keep fighting each other and wipe everybody out?

        There is a prophecy from over 20 years ago by a descendant of a Maori royal lineage who lives in a secluded rural part of NZ away from modern day life who has prophecised most of this country would be submerged under water due to natural disasters namely earthquakes, flooding of lakes/rivers and volcanic activity which is happening more often in the world. I remember being told at school here by my teachers they expected NZ to no longer exist 200 years from now (this was back in the early 2000s) due to global warming and rising sea levels.

        Moreover, it is expected that we will have another major global financial crisis in early 2017 which is far worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s and what we have experienced recently in 2008.

        Whichever the case maybe, I am happy to work with people I don’t like if we can put our differences aside and just try to get along sincerely without any childish games. If Mother Nature decides to destroy us all, I don’t really give a **** either as I have nothing to lose. We are of no use to the planet and I would prefer the earth be inhabited by other mammals in the animal kingdom who can live in harmony with her and bring true prosperity in sync with her, as our mother.

        What are your thoughts, McLeodKiwiTony, and anybody else?

        • I’m not qualified to predict financial crisis or for that matter how climate change and rising sea levels will effect N.Z however the feral nature of many people here has become abundantly clear in the aftermath of the earthquakes,personal property ,houses and even a train were looted ,more scary is that the local airlines have raised their fare prices to earthquake effected areas in the South Island ,many other countries would label this behaviour as “profiteering”, N.Z citizens have become so used to being abused by govt. and big business and one another that nobody bats an eye to this behaviour.

          • Only the start of it. A cartel has now been created for infrastructure repairs in the Earthquake affected area. It will destroy many business over the next two years and will achieve little with profits and overheads being syphoned off to line the pockets of individuals. Utterly disgusting. At the end of it they will be the only viable businesses left in the area. All funded by the crooked government

  4. Yeah its a global trend. Expect to see Europe do the Trump far right poli-tricks in 2017.
    What is everyone supposed to do?
    Go back to the country that most represents their look accent and personality.
    What if you’re a mixture of nations a mixed breed, how do you feel then?

    I thought diversity and mixing the gene pool was a good thing.

    “Squeal like a pig” [The movie Deliverance]

    Oh well, I guess it will get everyone fighting among themselves in a ‘divide and conquer’ sort of way.

    • New Zealanders seem to forget that if everyone went back to the country that most accurately represents them genetic heritage, the country would be almost empty.

      Whether the Kiwis like to admit it or not, New Zealand IS a land of immigrants.

      • Not to mention if everybody took a genealogical DNA test we would find nobody is 100% pure as to what they think they will be. Everybody has mixed blood due to various factors like trade, imperialism, wars, interdependence etc.

        • Withered Sunsets,

          Good point. A few months ago there was a very interesting TV program that, using DNA analysis, traced the journeys of the ancestors of three Australians out of Africa. Two European Australians and one Aboriginal Australian. It was amazing how mixed everyone’s genetic inheritance is, we all have a billion ancestors.

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