‘Severe’ 7.5 Earthquake Hits Near Hanmer Springs, South Island. Tide Drops 2.5 metres at Kaikoura, Areas of Wellington and Christchurch Evacuated


Main quakes – SEVERE:

  • 7.5 magnitude, severe, 15km north east of Culverden, 12.20am
  • 6.1 magnitude, severe: 15km north of Kaikoura, 2.31am, 27km
  • 5.7 magnitude, severe: 25km south east of Seddon, 2.21am
  • 5.5 magnitude, severe: 10km east of Seddon 2.20am
  • 5.6 magnitude, severe: 20km south east of Seddon, 4.33am

3:32 am: “Latest from Kaikoura is we’ve been told to stay on high ground for three hours, tsunami risk

3:30am: “Larger tsunami waves (2.5m) now recorded @ Kaikoura – NZ WeatherWatch site suggesting underwater landslide caused tsunami.

3 am: St Johns are reporting casualties in Cheviot and Kaikoura

All emergency 111 lines were rendered inoperable tonight as a large earthquake struck the South Island of New Zealand causing extensive damage. A tsunami warning has been issued for the whole east of New Zealand with a 2.5 metre drawdown at Kaikoura tide station.

Latest figures are that the quake has been revised to a 7.5, up from the earlier 6.6. There have been multiple aftershocks.

Geonet.org.nz stated on its website
“A severe earthquake has struck 20 kilometres south-east of Hanmer Springs at 12:02am, Monday 14th November.

Our early review indicates the earthquake had a magnitude of 6.6 and was 16 kilometres deep.  The highest level of impact from our felt reports so far has been MMI8 (severe) this level of shaking includes people experiencing difficulty standing. Furniture and appliances shifting. Substantial damage to fragile or unsecured objects and a few weak buildings may be damaged. This level of shaking was reported via the GeoNet felt reports in the upper South Island and lower North Island.

The inital earthquake was felt widely throughout New Zealand. Currently, there are more than 15,000 Felt reports.There have already been many aftershocks recorded, the largest has a magnitude of 6.2.

MCDEM have issued a tsunami threat for the initial earthquake. Our tide gauge at Kaikoura has recorded this. Please follow advice regarding tsunami via the Civil Defence website


GeoNet’s tide gauges at 1am. The tsunami can be seen on the Kaikoura tide gauge at the far right

People are already evacuating from the small seaside township of Kaikoura where there have been reports of building collapses and a tsunami warning has been issued. Kaikoura was last shaken by a 6.3 quake on 24 April 2015 causing widespread alarm and panic. It is not known if today’s quake is related to last April’s event.

The severe earthquake, which is the highest grade of earthquake, is being called the Cheviot Earthquake. People have been advised to move to high ground immediately (1.32 am)

The first wave activity may not be the most significant. Tsunami activity will continue for several hours and the threat must be regarded as real until this warning is cancelled. MCDEM is still assessing the threat and will provide more information within the next hour. Meanwhile, people in coastal areas should: 1. Stay out of the water (sea, rivers and estuaries, including boating activities) 2. Stay off beaches and shore areas 3. Do not go sightseeing 4. Share this information with family, neighbours and friends 5. Listen to the radio and/or TV for updates 6. Follow instructions of local civil defence authorities. source Civil Defence

People are also using social media to exchange information including photographs of damage as far away as Wellington where radio New Zealand has reported thousands of people have been evacuated from the central city. New Zealand’s city has experienced a sea level drop and is bracing for tsunami waters:

21 thoughts on “‘Severe’ 7.5 Earthquake Hits Near Hanmer Springs, South Island. Tide Drops 2.5 metres at Kaikoura, Areas of Wellington and Christchurch Evacuated

    • You called it. It’s a massive scam. What you explained was/is rampant in chch since the eq. I take my hat of to you for still being in the building trade. From my perspective that whole industry is f%=÷ed (along with civils now) and is on a race to the bottom. I would rather be an accountant because at least you get paid.

  1. Also to put this in perspective ,my accountant charges $300 per hour and has spent less time learning his craft than I have ,my accountant sits on his fat ass all day while I at 50 years old work physically and knowleglably ,good luck when the milleneuals mature and see even less worth in physical work than the current idiots do ,I guess robots will build and maintain their houses.

    • mcleodkiwitony,

      Couldn’t ignore that comment. I’m not sure of the situation in NZ, in Australia qualified accountants are required to attend courses throughout their professional careers. They don’t learn their craft and then sit on their arses all day.

      I’m a retired CPA btw.

      • Haha sorry but we as builders are also required to spend countless unpaid hours upgrading our craft to meet bullshit health and safety requirements and to my friend Nebula ,$65 per hour is a charge out rate and by no means represents take home pay

  2. This earthquake must be great news for Fletcher Construction ,these assholes are the N.Z protected corporation sanctioned to take every single rebuild contract and then fuck it up,they are “authorised” and have huge office staff and political connections ,they again will scream out for immigrants willing to work for $15 per hour ,don’t be fooled Fletchers will charge the govt $150 per hour and you won’t even be able to pay your electric and fuel bills .I have over 30 years in the building industry,my roommate has about 17 years we are qualified builders ready to work however we will not work for Fletchers for $25 per hour rebuilding anything when we are already getting $65 ph in our home towns which is really only just above a living wage,I know qualified people who couldn’t give a shit about the earthquake rebuild as they know they will just get screwed by the N.Z corporations who are buddies up with John Key and co.If you are a real idiot you will respond to the cry for overseas builders which will no doubt come in the next week or so lol ,please come here and work for nothing .BEWARE

    • Amen. I awoke to everything falling around me in my room and this thunderous rolling that lasted what felt like 2 minutes. The aftershocks now 13 hours later are still in the 5.5 range and come about ever 5 minutes. Wow. I’m in Marlborough.

    • Hey E2NZ. Thanks for asking. I sure have. Was a horrible reminder of 2011. It’s like this whole place doesn’t want you here, all these signs saying GTFO!!!

      Yeh still living in my car, altho i do sleep a few nights a week at a friends house and i was there last night. It’s an upstair flat so it shook really badly. It didn’t feel right at all so I ran out with just my boxer shorts and socks on into the street where i met other panicked neighbours running out lol.. I was out of there like Usain Bolt! Haha.

      Couldn’t sleep very well after that. Think im gunna stick to sleeping in my car all the time now, much safer!

    • If it’s called Looting and prosecuted in the same way,
      social “harmony”(actually an enforcement-criminal compact) will be disrupted.
      The “harmony” is maintained when some people are allowed to victimise others(especially newcomers or long-timers with few to no relatives), because stopping or curtailing the behaviour may cause a backlash that the police are ill-equipped to deal with.
      So to protect their earner, keep the workload low AND present the image of a peaceful, low-crime country …
      the victims need to accept that “the bill must come due” (as Baron Mordo said).

      Some people are also reluctant to speak out because they “may be sued by the person who victimised them”
      (hunting for that article, I remember seeing that).

      You can see examples of this type of sinister agreement in Logan’s Run and Soylent Green … besides just Godzone.

  3. It was a biggun alright, I’m in the rural Manawatu and the house was rocking and rolling for about a minute, really thought it was our turn. I’ve never felt on so strong nor go for so long. After-shocks rumbled on for a good couple of hours but deep and slow.

  4. No doubt our mate from Kaikoura will save the day. Joking aside, I find it somewhat disconcerting that an earthquake in the South Island would cause power outages as far north as New Plymouth and fairly significant damage in Wellington. New Zealand is poorly prepared for earthquakes despite the obvious risk. If something like this were to strike closer to a major population centre, then I suspect the loss of life would be staggering.

    • Redundancies cost money – and to add more speculation, could they have predicted this happening?
      And if they could, why or why not release that information?
      Otherwise all that is (referring to the seismographs), is just a bunch of sensors keeping track of when the quakes happened.

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