The Case for Brexit – Why Britain Had to Leave the EU

These videos are for our British readers. And for those who think New Zealand offers an alternative to the miseries of Europe – a safe port in a storm – it doesn’t.

Neoliberalism is even stronger in New Zealand than in the UK, where 10% of New Zealanders own 60% of the wealth and over 300,000 children live in poverty.

People already living in New Zealand may find the following video disturbingly familiar given the recent news about homelessness and WINZ locking the poor into impossibly large loans.

3 thoughts on “The Case for Brexit – Why Britain Had to Leave the EU

  1. Neoliberalism: enduring exploitation of the masses defined through weasel words and ideas that ultimately are devoid of sincerity and genuine follow-through … with narcissists and do-/know-nothing managers getting ahead while acting as the gatekeepers for employment picking out as workers the “winners”(people preferred on arbitrary unwritten criteria) of the “education lottery” and telling the rest “you wasted your time in higher education, take another course and see you in a few years’ time for the next selection – but remember the older you are, your chances to be picked for a job decrease – despite any real competency, experience or insights you can bring to the position”

    Don’t forget that to get people to buy into this, you have to train up the Sedation & Socialisation Corps – SS Corps – these are the social scientists and welfare workers who like to say things like “society is working fine, you are the problem”(uh, if it was working fine, why the need to convince people?) and “you can be whatever you want to be”(why are blind people not allowed to drive?). The other purpose of this SS Corps is to make sure people don’t cause trouble or if they do, occupy them so that until the day they die, they don’t think of an organised uprising or protest.

    I don’t think such a society can endure for more than a generation, but especially because when the fraud gets exposed – and how social mobility is stunted and (mostly) only the liars and exploiters are observed to be getting ahead – the leaders will get into a war to divert attention … and this will destroy social structures and cost a lot of lives – on all sides.

    New Zealand is the smallest of the 5 “mostly European” (the others are Australia, Canada, UK, US) countries, so it is a bellwether of what will happen in those cases with the neoliberal experiment.

    P.S. Most countries now follow the neoliberal model. I predict a global war within the next 5 years.

  2. Admin

    The Brexit vote was not a legally binding referendum but a plebiscite which is advisory, so the British parliament can, and probably will ignore the vote. The bad news for the majority who voted to leave is that the UK will probably stay in the EU, there’s no escape. So in NZ’s case, any hopes for a fairer trading regime with the U.K. are in vain.

    Perhaps NZ needs a plebiscite on neoliberalism.

  3. Frankly I see no advantage to the UK in Brexit.
    I see a lot of people led by the nose beleiving the rhetoric of the likes of Farage and UKIP.

    We will spend the 350million on the NHS.- knowing full well the 350 million figure is wrong and before the blood had even dried on the pavements backing down from this promise.
    With in hours yobs were ont he streets chanting and harrasing locals who they felt weren’t “brtish enough”. Acts of vicious violence and acts of terror and vandalism are now tactically endorsed by this exit vote.

    Im no great fan of NZ, I was plannign my own brexit to Europe, but that plans now on the back burners as Ive no desire to swap and known for frankly whats going to be a shit storm.

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