New Zealand Values – All You Wanted to Know and More


Kiwis unloaded when asked to define New Zealand’s values

A New Zealand media outlet recently asked people to tell them what they believed New Zealand’s values to be. If you’re considering studying or migrating to New Zealand (perhaps looking for a safe haven, or because you want a better lifestyle) read the responses Kiwis made.

Even refugees have standards, why should they be made to sign up to Kiwi values, when even Kiwis themselves don’t hold them in high regard.

The responses Kiwis give are interesting, rather than the outpouring of national identity and pride the newspaper was hoping for, the invitation to define New Zealand values opened the floodgates to an outpouring of national angst, anger and disappointment…mostly with themselves.

If you’re already in New Zealand, tell us what you think NZ values are, either on this page or on Twitter – E2NZ.




3 thoughts on “New Zealand Values – All You Wanted to Know and More

  1. Double standards. Complaining bitterly via comments on every available local media outlet (Stuff, Radio NZ et al) about how crap everything in NZ is, yet bragging about how freakin’ awesome NZ is to every foreigner and new arrival #newzealandvalues

  2. Brits can’t give blood here. Massive shortage of it in NZ but they wont take it. I used to give regularly in the UK 100% disease free. It must be too red I guess.

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