Earthquake Minister Covered in Cr@p and Nurses who ‘Steal’ Food

New Zealand is not a classless society, there are the 99% who have relatively little and there are the 1% who have far too much for doing sweet FA.

Examples of New Zealand’s class based society were very much obvious in today’s news. Gerry Brownlee, the minister responsible for the Christchurch ‘rebuild,’ was pelted during the 5 year memorial service; and a nurse was made to pay $10,000 in legal costs after ‘stealing’ food.

Right from the start we knew that the Christchurch rebuild would be deliberately spun out over 10 years to drip feed money into the economy and minimize cost to the government. Hardly surprising then that, after 5 years of living in damaged homes and 5 years of demolitions and disruptions, the people of Christchurch have had enough. Enough to make one of them pour a container of crap over the person seen as responsible for half a decade of disruption and inaction.

During the interview, a passing man started yelling at the Minister.”Gerry Brownlee you suck. You’ve done a bad job. A bad, bad job.”

Labour leader Andrew Little saw the muck getting chucked, saying

“There is anger and frustration for many families and many people, about the fact five years on they still haven’t got their homes fixed… but that wasn’t the way to do it.” source

The man who pelted the minister  was hauled off by police and arrested. No good natured telling off for him. Unlike the nurse who threw a dildo at Steven Joyce protesting at the TPPA putting her patient’s lives at risk by increasing the cost of medications.

Another nurse has been ordered to pay legal costs of $10,000 after she misappropriated food on at least two occasions. He manager saw her fill a container with food from a bain marie during a fire evacuation in a retirement village. Managers searched her office and found two containers of sweet and sour fish, bananas, lemonade and orange juice. The practitioner was charged with professional misconduct and appeared before the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal in November 2015.

The nurse confessed to her actions saying she was taking food for staff on the afternoon shift. The retirement village’s rules did not allow food to be kept for staff on that shift.

“I am extremely sorry for my actions and I have learnt from this experience,” she said.

“There is a large amount of food that is thrown away by [the kitchen] each day and this influenced my decision.” However, she maintained she had brought the bananas from home to give to a friend, and said the other food found in her office was for meetings.

She said other staff ate patients’ food from time to time. It was found the nurse took the food for an illegitimate purpose, which was in breach of her contract, and she was ordered to pay $10,000 in costs. source

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6 thoughts on “Earthquake Minister Covered in Cr@p and Nurses who ‘Steal’ Food

  1. actually even though the substance thrown on this fat useless fuck was not dangerous ,I don’t agree with any kind of substance throwing ,who knows what’s in it and it could have been something far more sinister.

  2. Remember that this fat hunk of lard believes that security is just for common folk ,not the likes of his obese self,wasn’t to long ago that he went through the baggage handling area at Wellington airport with his private security detail to avoid the inconvenience of security screening.Fat piece of dung was caught and said sorry ……still in power still doing what he wants when he wants at tax payers expense.

  3. That is the ruling class .fat and happy ,pretending it was no big deal having some crap thrown on him but behind the scenes seething and making sure the perpetrator will pay for it ,just like his boss John Key the laid back dude ,passive aggressive ,the guy that threw the crap on him lost his teenage son in the earthquakes ,that fat shit can either stay away from the public or take his rewards for his corruption,or ,maybe ,get a more capable security detail .I believe this is just the start of the backlash against these corrupt arrogant bastards,when people have nothing and no hope they have nothing to lose.U.S.A should be a good example to these arrogant pricks ,when people are ignored they become very extreme and follow people like Hitler or Donald Trump.

  4. I am a casualty of this corrupt country. The lies told and spin by the government insurer EQC is farcical. I can only describe Minister Brownlee as arrogant, inept and an ignorant buffoon.
    It is clearly obvious he does not have a trained mind or skills to deal with the disaster ensuing in Christchurch.
    I thank the world BBC for covering the plight of Cantabrians.

  5. That was just Christchurch water being thrown over Gerry Brownlee hehe. Look at the state of him. A well fed, capitalist glutton, serving himself through the guise of serving others.

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