Season’s Greetings

happy holidays

Seasons greetings. Happy Christmas, Fabulous Festivus and Happy Hanukkah.

The team at is now taking a vacation until 2016.

In the meantime may the force be with you, 2187 people – there is hope . Thanks for making the site a success for another year, we wouldn’t couldn’t do it without your support.

Someone will be modding your comments and stories so please keep them coming, however we won’t be actively sourcing content for a few weeks.

Be kind to one another.

6 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings

  1. Thanks E2NZ your site kept us going before we left and still helps us process what we went through over there.

    I took my family to see Star Wars last night and one of those 100 % pure New Zealand ads came on before the film, the audience burst into laughter. I’m glad we’re not alone here. May the force also be with you.

  2. Many thanks E2nz! I am also one who is glad to have found all the answers in One. And really it saved my sanity. Thanks for your massive effort and I will be with you as long as it needs to prevent people from entering slumsland.
    Have a fantastic holiday!

  3. We a also wish you a very merry Christmas and a amazing new year whether in New Zealand or not .
    And thanks so much for this website ! everybody thought we were going crazy while in fact most immigrants have the same experiences which proves we are sober and telling the truth. This is greatly appreciated , keep on the good work please !

    • Interesting how many people get back on the rails after realising they are not alone here ,I am one of them ,I was losing my mind thinking that the alternate reality here was some kind of paranoia or figment of my own imagination ,commonsense and honesty prevails on this site despite the fact that every one of us will now be subject to surveillance from the G.C.S .B haha paranoia ,I don’t think so.

      • I’m always careful with most kiwi’s.. most unfortunately can’t be trusted. We would like to thank everybody for posting their stories here ! it kinda saved our lives in a way.. just knowing we are not alone makes a huge difference. We still have quite a long way to go to get out of here.. and this site even helps my stress levels down. It is great that other people understand us .. of course many old friends and family don’t back home. they think were just whining …I mean in what first world country do they steal underwear and socks from a laundromat ?! Seriously ?! I have never been ripped of so many times and been stolen of as in New Zealand as in any other country of the world . So have a safe , cheap and fun Christmas you all !

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