New Zealand Continues its Fall in the Human Development Index, 9th is the New 1st

UN Human Development Report 2015

Zero to hero in the UNDP’s HDI, New Zealand continues to slide back to where it belongs

Read any New Zealand based report about this year’s United Nation’s HDI results and you’d miss that fact that New Zealand has fallen in the rankings for consecutive years since it peaked in 2010. Instead you’d be forgiven, if you read the New Zealand media, for thinking that ninth place is as good as first (New Zealand has been ranked as one of the best countries in the world in a global snapshot of living standards, income and health).

Readers may remember way back when New Zealand had been languishing at around 19/20th place for some years, and how it suddenly rose to 3rd place when the calculation methods changed in 2010 (co-incidentally, this was shortly after ex-NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark was appointed Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme in March 2009).

Here’s how the rankings have fared since 2008 (the ‘Clark years’ in green). New Zealand’s meteoric rise to 3rd  place wasn’t able to be sustained – it has been falling slowly but inexorably back to where it belongs ever since.

NZ rise and fall in the UN HDI


The index is supported by another – the OECD Better Life Index. This is an internationally comparable measure of well-being in line with the recommendations of the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress also known as the Stiglitz-Sen-Fitoussi Commission. It ranked Canberra as the world’s most liveable city for the second consecutive year in October 2014.

Here’s the list of the top 20 OECD Better Life Index – as ranked by the survey

Better life index

On the bright side, every year there are more and countries that are better to live in than New Zealand.

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7 thoughts on “New Zealand Continues its Fall in the Human Development Index, 9th is the New 1st

  1. Hilarious! Funny that the kiwi degenerates glorify this sort of behaviour , and what I mean by that is the crazy copulation spree that NZ kids go to once they hit the puberty. Now this dude is a father at 17 and the media is making him some sort of hero. Yeah, NZ is a good place for kids to grow up where they see a lot of teenage poverty, pregnancy, drug use and other such degenerate behaviour

  2. A number of the social engineering programs have failed, but no one will admit it or don’t care.
    Customer service? Why do they not care? They don’t have to. Very little competition, and can’t get fired for being bad.
    The “no dismissal” thing will kill this country. Some may think it is more “fair”, but it also kills incentive.

  3. “Though New Zealand ranks 9 by HDI, the country is 32 by Gross National Income per capita and 32nd on the gender inequality index.

    In comparison, Australia and Ireland are ranked at 19 and 21 respectively on this index.”

    I thought New Zealand was supposed to be ranked highly for gender equality. Who’d have guessed the Aussies are better than us? Everyone knows they beat us for income, but better equality for women? quelle surprise!

    • Sandy Bridge

      Why are you surprised that Australia scores higher on some social indexes than NZ? After reading the data on this site I’m not in the least surprised that Oz is actually more progressive.

  4. This is what happens when a society is hijacked by greed ,it has become clear that N.Z is being run as a corporation and not a country.Social needs/ requirements are seen as expensive and non profitable therefore are not being funded.This whole society will pay dearly for not taking care of our people.

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