If New Zealand was your home instead of …?

if it were my home

Today, we’re having some fun with a link that a reader sent to us – to http://ifitweremyhome.com

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The lottery of birth is responsible for much of who we are. If you were not born in the country you were, what would your life be like? Would you be the same person?

IfItWereMyHome.com is your gateway to understanding life outside your home. Use our country comparison tool to compare living conditions in your own country to those of another.

You can also use our visualization tool to help understand the impact of a disaster. The Pakistan Flood and BP Oil Spill are currently featured. Check out the individual pages to gain some perspective on these awful tragedies.

If you’re not sure where to begin, try this week’s featured country, Kiribati

Here are the results for four countries chosen at random (click on the images to enlarge and page through them). If you’re intending to emigrate to New Zealand from The Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore or Japan  you may like to reconsider your options.



6 thoughts on “If New Zealand was your home instead of …?

  1. Hmm I don’t know how countries are judged when these lists of development of countries are made. I mean I’ve seen lists of human development indexes where nz came in front of countries like Japan and UK which I find a bit strange. In some cases they even come out on top against Australia and Germany such as in the Legatum prosperity index which judges a country based on their economy and entrepreneurship etc, how can nz possibly beat Germany in that department, is this a joke? . I know many kiwis go to work in Australia and I have been to Germany and Japan and those countries are on a different level. Everything from their public infrastructure to their cuisine and lifestyle are miles ahead. I guess somethings just look different on paper and you have to be there to see the truth. Now don’t get me wrong nz has things going for it its just to me these lists don’t make sense.

  2. Admin,

    So far I’m not optimistic in regard to finding comparable data, however I’ll keep searching.

    I noticed this, perhaps it’s an example of the notorious Kiwi ‘spin’ that you’ve mentioned before, it’s from the site “A NZ Resource for Life related issues.”


    <<<Despite New Zealand being an almost idyllic place to live, it’s suicide rates, especially for youth, are higher than most other ‘developed’ countries.

    Comparing suicide rates is basically open to dispute.
    New Zealand’s recording of suicide is very accurate.
    New Zealand’s statistics are inflated in comparison to other countries because of such careful recording.
    Comparisons between New Zealand and other countries can not be considered of high value.

    But why are more people suicidal and actually taking their lives here in New Zealand compared to other countries? That doesn’t make sense. It’s idyllic here, and while not perfect, we have it a lot better than most.>>>

    In other words, NZ is a model society, “idyllic” in fact, and it’s simply inconceivable that the country actually has a relatively high suicide rate, it’s the foreigners’ fault, they’re not providing accurate data.

    Of course, international comparisons are indeed difficult because of different criteria.

    • Admin,

      Under the circumstances of the police/ researcher agreement, ‘suppress’ seems a more appropriate term than ‘veto’, since the power of veto should be exercised publically, not secretly. Perhaps I’m just an old cynic.
      For most of the 20th century NZ was one of the world’s model nations, the Sweden of the South Pacific, apparently Kiwis would rather massage the figures than face the grim reality of economic decline.

  3. This is more reaffirmation of how appallingly New Zealand performs in social parameters compared to other “developed” countries.

  4. Admin,

    Very interesting, I’ll try to find a similar data set that compares NZ with the OECD average, it will be a killer reply to those Kiwi trolls bashing Australia and the rest of he world.

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