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E2NZ owes it success to its readers’ support

As our readership tops 3 million hits, we’ve decided to kick-back for a while at look at some of the sites and people that have helped to make us famous.

First up, /r/NewZealand : A reddit discussion board that has a surprisingly large number of migrants using it and quietly supporting this site over the years.

Here’s an example. When New Zealand was named best country to visit by readers of the UK’s Daily Telegraph (n.b. NZ tourism advertising is a major revenue earner for the newspaper), New Zealand redditors  celebrated not by reaching for the Kool-Aid, but by giving E2NZ their first thoughts -evidence that we are changing perceptions in New Zealand for the better. is obviously opinionated but still interesting

Exactly. Thank you, that’s the objective. No punches are pulled on this site and we don’t serve Kool-Aid either.


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Isn’t it amazing how people speculate about the site and how rumors are so easily started.

Here’s an update on those stats (Jan 2015):

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Have you seen E2NZ get a mention somewhere? let us know about it. We’ll re-publish your most humorous and wacky finds.

9 thoughts on “Sites that Support – Reddit New Zealand

  1. Whenever something’s big is going on f I come here first or look you up on twitter because I know you’ll have something to say about it and it will be free from censorship.

  2. Admin, you used to have a site where you posted all the private messages from your stalker troll. What happened it it?

    • Thank you. I recall your troll’s fixation with rabbits, he even saw them coming out of his wardrobe I believe, I was trying to find the reference.


    “Do Kiwis have an inaccurate view of themselves?

    I have been looking at this site it provides a sobering take on New Zealand and New Zealanders from the perspective of immigrants.

    Some of these sentiments are sure be agreed on by most Kiwis such as the “Rip Off NZ” situation where Kiwis are being fleeced by a very small percent of people who own almost everything in this country. Others are probably more controversial especially about the character of the people themselves. The salient points seem to be.
    1.Kiwis are cold and xenophobic. They may smile and say hi to you but you won’t be invited into their inner circle, you will not make lasting and meaningful friendships with them.
    2.Kiwis are dishonest and there is deep corruption both in the people and the institutions.
    3.Kiwis are racist.
    4.Kiwis drink too much.
    5.You will be discriminated in the workplace. It will be very difficult to get jobs because less qualified kiwis will be preferred. Most job listings are there for legal reasons and the job has already been promised to a mate.
    6.There is rampant low level crime such as vandalism, graffiti etc which makes life frustrating and unpleasant.
    7.The police can’t be trusted uniformly apply the law.
    8.Housing is terrible, cold, leaky, and expensive. The buildings are built using shoddy techniques and materials.
    9.Transportation and roading are a nightmare.
    10.Kiwis are unable or unwilling to recognize any of this.

    I found it interesting reading and as an immigrant I have to say I agree with a lot of it (although not everything is in the extreme of course).

    Since the typical reader of /r/newzealand is not the typical New Zealander I would be interested in your take on these perceptions of people coming here from overseas.”

    • Hi Frank,

      Well, perhaps I’m not your typical Kiwi, but here’s my take:

      I haven’t found this. But yeah nah… it’s my culture.
      Disagree. I had no more problems in NZ than anywhere else.
      Unfortunately true, especially outside of Auckland. You’ll be sweet as if you’re white and speak English.
      See 1. However, I disagree with your nepotism comment. When I worked in NZ, we almost exclusively hired non-Kiwis because we couldn’t find the talent (another problem?).
      Disagree. I never found this.
      I don’t have any real experience dealing with the police. I can’t comment.
      Spot on. 100%.
      Agreed. I never understood this until I lived in Germany. What an eye opener.
      Most of us. It’s hard to acknowledge any of this if you don’t have another frame of reference — i.e., if you haven’t lived elsewhere or travelled a lot.

      On 10, I tend to keep my opinions of London (where I live) to myself. There’s little point in telling the Brits/English because most who I meet — especially at work — haven’t lived outside of the greater London area.



  4. I found your site through a reddit link. I’ve been a regular reader since late 2013. One of the reasons why I keep coming back is that you don’t pull your punches.

    Reddit/nz has been spoiled by trolls and novelty accounts and the moderators now delete anything that portrays E2nZ in a positive light. Some people cant handle straight talking, we don’t get enough of it in New Zealand.

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