Serious Incident at School Leaves 10 Year Old Boy with Severe Head Injuries. “Kids Will Be Kids”

sacred heart school invercargill

Sacred Heart School, Invercargill

Update 9:10pm 20 Sept 2015

Police have finally confirmed the critically injured boy had been hit in the head with an electric fence post.

Why did a child at the school have access to a potentially deadly weapon?

Why did a child at the school have access to a potentially deadly weapon?

They’ve also confirmed the incident involved a 9 year old boy who is also a student at Sacred Heart School in Invercargill. source

18 Sept 2015

It has been just days since the death of 9 year old Aryan Banerjee. Aryan died from strangulation after a toilet door at Taradale Primary School locked behind him, and sadly there’s just been another tragic incident involving a child at a New Zealand school.

Police are keeping tight lipped about the more recent incident, (note not ‘accident’) this time at the Sacred Heart School in Invercargill. Police have told staff and pupils not to speak to the press after an “incident” at the school on Friday left a 10 year old boy in a coma.

The grandfather said police had asked the boy’s family and the school not to discuss details of what happened.

“I’ve been instructed by the police not to say anything more than what has been said,” the grandfather said. “They are just kids, it’s just kids being kids. I haven’t got all the details.” source

[The] boy is in a critical condition in Dunedin Hospital after he was injured at an Invercargill school on Friday morning. Police and emergency services were called to Sacred Heart School about 8.35am on Friday. The boy was taken to Southland Hospital with a head injury…

Police are continuing their investigation into the circumstances behind a serious incident where a ten year-old boy has been hospitalised. The ten year-old has since been transported to Dunedin Hospital with a serious head injury and remains in a critical condition.

Police and Victim Support staff have been at the school over today and will continue to assist the school and the Ministry of Education.

Police staff are still trying to ascertain exactly what has occurred, but it appears this has been a tragic incident. While police are still investigating the circumstances behind this incident, police will not be conducting any interviews…source

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the 10 year old boy, and with those of Aryan Banerjee, who must be feeling great distress at this time. We hope the injured boy makes a full recovery.

It is not known if bullying was responsible for the child’s injuries, but our readers will know what a problem it is in many New Zealand schools. Lately, we’ve written about fights being organised on Facebook with the videos uploaded to the net. For more read Mass schoolgirl brawl in South Auckland was organised on Facebook. Another “normal day in Absurdistan”