Estate Agent Bret Glazer Blames Migrants for “Ruining” New Zealand. His Focus is his Reality.

Bret Glazer

Bret Glazer, an old boy of Pamerston North Boys High School, specialises in residential and apartment sales and appraisals. He also works as a sales specialist for Orica Shell

If you’re about to emigrate to New Zealand, bringing hundreds of thousands of dollars with you for a home purchase, you may care to know what a local estate agent thinks about you.

Bret Glazer, from Barfoot and Thompson, wrote on Facebook that migrants were “making it harder for Kiwis to thrive” which is a bit rich considering most of his income arises from migrant home purchases.

But wait, there’s more!  According to Bret Glazer, migrants come to New Zealand because they fucked up their own countries. Strange, only yesterday we said migrants come to New Zealand because they wanted to sort out its problems.

Most people migrated to New Zealand because “they’ve already f***** their own country”, he said, and in a Facebook exchange told a migrant New Zealanders her opinion was of no value to him.

Glazer told a female Portuguese-born immigrant to New Zealand: “If you’re not from NZ then as far as I’m concerned (hard but fair) your opinion is of no value to me.”

In the exchange with Angela Murphy, he added: “This is my country not yours. I’m protecting it for what is and not for what you want to twist it into to suit your misguided agendas.”

Angela Murphy later told the Herald on Sunday she was

shocked at the nature of the exchange, describing Glazer’s comments as “bigotry and prejudice“.

Mr Glazer had better hope he doesn’t need any hospital care in the near future, most of the medical professionals who treat him will no doubt have an opinion about how they haven’t “fucked up” New Zealand for him and people like him.

More Facebook posts from Bret Glazer of Barfoot and Thompson:

But would his principles prevent him from selling property to overseas investors? (which is perfectly legal in NZ)

But would his principles prevent him from selling property to overseas investors? (which is perfectly legal in NZ)

Apparently investors are welcome!

Apparently investors are welcome!

Reality for Glazer, Star Wars style

Reality for Glazer, Star Wars style


contact me

Good luck with the sales, Bret.


But what if his type of bigotry and prejudice are commonplace in New Zealand, what if Glazer (despite making a living in the last 6 months from selling homes to migrants) is simply voicing what many New Zealanders really think?

Glazers thoughts certainly align with what Kiwis are saying on sites like (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy [said]

We are grateful to Kiwis who call out prejudice when they hear it. We need to challenge one another

Dame Susan Devoy would probably love Our whole raison d’être is to challenge and call out prejudice, while supporting migrants who’ve been let down by New Zealand. We’ve been doing it for 6 years and don’t intend stopping any time soon.

Overseas media pick up on the Glazer Rant

Online racism is catching up with people at work” (Australia)

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Migrants come to New Zealand to help out (published yesterday)


New Zealand wants migrant money, but not their help. A comment left about at link

You may be an intending migrant and heard that New Zealand is a great place to live and is crying out for someone with your skills. You’ve visited Immigration New Zealand’s web site and found, to your delight, that your skills are in high demand – there’s a shortage of people like you!

Eager and willing to help out such a great country you lay out a few thousand dollars in visa charges, put your home on the market and spend tens of thousands more shipping everything over to New Zealand. Money well spent, you tell yourself. This is an investment in your family’s future.

When you arrive you quickly realise you made a mistake. New Zealand’s working practices are parochial and archaic. Your overseas experience is held in disdain because it wasn’t gained in New Zealand. This is a “great country” and people “like it the way it is.”

You ask yourself “why is there a skills shortage then? Why did you invite me here?”

You suffer a drop in living standards, your kids stand still at school and are bored, they’re bullied, they hate rugby. Your home is overpriced, riddled with damp and under heated. Your salary disappears too quickly on goods and services that are frighteningly expensive, you live frugally.

Despite watching every cent you struggle to make ends meet, was it ever this hard back home? You watch your life savings rapidly draining away. You look at your kids and wonder what sort of future they’ll have in this country.

But you console yourself. The scenery is amazing. The people are so laid back.

You push down those feelings that you have probably made the worst decision of your life and silently start looking at job ads from overseas again. Then your bank statement arrives and that sickening feeling rolls over you: you can’t afford to move again. You’re stuck in New Zealand for the next few years and are going to have to make the most of it.

Then you find this site and realise there is hope after all. There are thousands of people feeling exactly the same as you, and they’re not all migrants.

When people tell you to go back and “fix up your own s..t hole” if you don’t like New Zealand, pause for a moment and smile. Say “actually I came to fix up yours but found it is beyond saving. Good luck with living here, as soon as I can I will be leaving”.

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funny but true

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  1. Bald headed, deluded, racist, twat. He should be bloody grateful that any migrant would even BOTHER handing over a large some of money to buy one of his leaky, cardboard Robinson Crusoe shithole shacks. Why hasn’t he been sacked? Surely the point of a Real Estate Agent is to SELL houses regardless of who’s buying.

    And LOL at $520k for that tiny little shed. Dream on Kiwi.

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