Destination Marlborough’s New Social Media Tool


social media in Marlborough

Destination Marlborough will be collating social media about the region

Destination Marlborough has a new social media tool called ‘Marlborough Now’ on its website.

Its aim is to give “authentic, unsolicited feedback from travellers and locals. But, it looks like action may be taken against anything that is perceived to be negative. How genuine will it be?

From a  Marlborough Express report today we learn

Destination Marlborough marketing and communication manager Jason Henry said they decided to make better use of word of mouth to promote the region to travellers.

“Every day, visitors to the region and local businesses are creating and capturing brilliant memories and moments, and sharing them with their followers through social media. It’s pretty hard to beat word of mouth, even for the most cynical travellers. So we’re embracing it.”

The tool could be used to collect posts by members of the public who include #MarlboroughNZ, #BrilliantEveryDay or #OnlyMarlborough, and collate them on

This would give authentic, unsolicited feedback from travellers as well as allow Marlburians to promote the province simply by sharing photos and positive comments, Henry said.

The majority of the comments seen so far had been positive, but if any negative comments were posted it would allow action to be taken to rectify the problem, he said.



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  1. “authentic, unsolicited feedback”, as long as it presented a positive image of the area, if you tell the truth [about a negative experience], go else where because it won’t be allowed. What a load of garbage. Thought police at work socially engineering a crooked society.

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