Racism in New Zealand’s Universities – I, Too, Am Auckland


Students talk on I, Too, Am Auckland (click to play)


Harvard’s successful I, Too, Am Harvard Tumblr campaign highlighted the faces and voices of black students at Harvard College, and its now been an inspiration students across the globe, including a group at Auckland university…

“I, Too, Am Auckland” is a student-based initiative at The University of Auckland. This video explores experiences and perspective provided by Māori and Pasifika students across a variety of academic disciplines, discussing their experiences with everyday colonialism and racism.

This video was produced by Milon from Chillbox: https://www.facebook.com/ChillboxCrea…

The “I, Too, Am Auckland” team consists of Milon Tesiram, Raagini Vijaykumar, Lisa William, Chelsea Tevaga, Sarah McLean, and David Mayeda.

This video’s content is based off of research conducted by David Mayeda, Moeata Keil, Hilary Dansey Dutton, and Futa ‘Ofamo’oni: http://www.content.alternative.ac.nz/…

While the project is to be commended highly for challenging some of the traditional racial stereotypes in New Zealand, the project appeared to omit other races, noticeably those from Asian countries, who make up a large contingent of the NZ born student population.



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