#1080 Threat in NZ Infant Milk Formula. ‘Good Day to Bury Bad News’ Brought Forward Due to Media Leak

bad news

Next week was a good time to bury bad news


News is breaking in New Zealand about the potential contamination of milk powder by the environmental toxin 1080. , Synlait and the A2 Milk Company have been placed in trading halt.

An anti-1080 group allegedly threatened to poison infant formula by the end of March if 1080 was still in use by then.

However, the original threat was made in November 2014. It has taken 4 months for the alleged threat to be made public. This has prompted speculation that today’s announcement was to detract from something potentially more damaging for the National government – their impending defeat in the Northland by-election, caused by the ‘sudden’ resignation of National MP, Mike Sabin.

John Key told a press conference that an announcement on the 1080 milk threat was due to be made next week. But, the media got wind of the story and a decision was made to hold a press conference today.

Government response ‘unusual’

Chris Claridge, managing director of infant formula company Carrickmore Nutrition, said the Government’s response was “unusual” and would not be considered international best practice.

He told Radio New Zealand threats against food safety were “fairly standard” for international food companies, and in general where contamination has not occurred, the public would not be alerted.

What we are seeing here is a government response that is unusual and it would not be considered international best practice to respond in this manner. What we see internationally is generally they don’t carry out the threats, they are a mechanism to gain publicity. But what this does now is sets a precedent for how the government will react in the future, because these food threats will keep occurring.”

Mr Claridge said the testing regime was costing $300 per test. With 45,000 tested samples, that would mean the Government has so far spent $13.5 million on testing alone...”source

Next week was a good day to bury bad news

What else is scheduled for next week, is there anything happening the government may want to bury perhaps?

Next week on Thursday 19th of March name suppression is scheduled to be lifted on a “prominent New Zealander.” That is followed 9 days later by the Northland by-election, caused by the resignation of Mike Sabin. Does that have the makings of a perfect storm?

Stand by for more smoke and mirrors around the 19th of March.

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