Whangarei Placed in Lockdown as Shots Ring Out

Just another day for the AOS in Northland

Just another day for the AOS in Northland

The lawless north has earned another credit to its name this afternoon.

The small town of Whangarei was placed under lockdown by the armed offenders squad after police received multiple reports of gunfire directed at a property in Willow Place near Silverstream Road. The town’s hospital and a number of schools also went into lockdown.

Northern communications section manager John Fraser said police had received multiple reports of gunfire, ranging between two and three shots, at 2pm today.

As a result State Highway 14, commonly known as Maunu Rd, had been in lockdown while the Armed Offenders Squad searched properties, including one “target address”. Roads have since been reopened.

Northern communications spokeswoman Sarah Kennett said police had since apprehended three men in relation to the gunfire as well as a firearm…source

An injured man has been taken to hospital from Willow Place and two other men have been arrested.

Also see the video at 3News Shots fired in Whangarei, hospital in lockdown


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