Migrant Tales – Indian Engineer’s Experience of Racism, NZ Style

Welcome to our very popular Migrant Tales series – first hand accounts of life in New Zealand as told by migrants.

Todays tale was left as a comment. The Asian author came to New Zealand as a student 9 years ago and is appalled at overt racism in the country.

This site is an absolute gem to vent out your frustrations about New Zealand. I have never met such backstabbing, low lives, racist, frustrated souls in my lifetime such as Kiwis. Its a shame by the way to have such an ugly bird as a symbol !!

I came to NZ as an international student 9 years ago to study Bachelors Electronics Engineering with a lot of dreams, ambitions and a fire to succeed in life at a polytechnic in Auckland which had a good reputation even though it was a polytechnic. I was shocked at the appalling racism and disrespect shown towards us students ( Indians and Asians) at the polytechnic, by the way dumbo kiwis don’t know that India is actually part of South East Asia and we are Asian too ! The Kiwi rednecks were all to themselves mocking our accent behind our backs ( I heard them mock a few Chinese guys as he walked past ). This initially upset us friends but we were fired up to make up by working hard and finish our qualification besides working part time and supporting ourselves. I knew i had a mistake by investing my parents hard earned money in this shithole of a country called NZ ( Clean and green blah blah) all you can see is cows grazing once you step out of Auckland and people actually walking around like zombies!! The part time job I managed to get with great difficulty after 4 months was at a gas station. I was racially abused few times ( called curry muncher, F*** OFF to India) by brainless Pacific Islanders (mostly Samoans). My colleagues mostly Indians kept saying this is south Auckland and a lot of people here are on the dole, criminals, druggies and that’s why i will have to put up with all this nonsense if I have to survive there. In 1 1/2 year’s time I had developed thick skin but had enough because my manager would always roster me even during my exams. i quit and moved to another gas station which was another crap hole in South Auckland where I managed to survive through for another year.

Fortunately ( I thought ! ) I managed to secure a part time job at an engineering company which would be beneficial for me to write some relevant experience on my CV. I entered the company and found it to be really unprofessional and having an anti-student mentality. We were treated like slaves. ( make us work like donkeys for a pathetic pay of $12 an hour). The company was mostly full of high school dropouts with very little regard for education. I finished my degree during this time in 2008 and then the recession has broke out. This company had started making people redundant as a result of which I was made on call from part time ( indirectly kicking us out ). I resigned and started looking for new jobs as this company has stopped hiring. GOSH what?? another nightmare !! There were no jobs and somehow after 4 months i managed to secure a technician position at a company in East Auckland. This was the beginning of hell. My boss was a British version of Hitler ( born and raised here to English parents) . This job paid me $ 15 an hour ( what a wonderful pay for a graduate engineer ! ) I was abused almost every second day by this asshole. You didn’t do this, didn’t do that all the time. British Hitler knew I was vulnerable and on a work visa so he took full advantage of it. The regional manager was another British tosser from Adelaide ( horribly racist) as he used to taunt myself and another Sri Lankan colleague all the time saying horrible stuff like you guys are from the third world… (Hello India is the second largest emerging economy in the world).The reaming kiwis were also really ignorant and had zero general knowledge. Finally I got my residency and after taking so much I was just sick and took a break and went to India.

New Zealanders are the most arrogant, racist creeps i have ever met in my whole lifetime. These people think they are the greatest race on planet and look down upon others races. Their media is the worst and always potrays India in poor light. All the assholes go about is what a wonderful country this is! Bullshit ! a COUNTRY full of crap cars all second hand rubbish from Japan, groceries, petrol prices are nothing short of a heart attack. NZ Television is full of racist ediots. The job market what crap does it really exist?? Recruitment is a scam in this shithole called NZ. I will come back with the remaining bit of my story. Thanks for reading.

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  1. It’s not just racism about colour
    And by the way this is the most racist country with mouri party
    We have knowledge racism as well
    God forbid you are an expert from another country
    You will always be treated as inferior because of there lack of knowledge or inferior complex
    Or is it that they are just not upto date yet

  2. OP’s experience is an accurate summation of all that a migrant has to put up with here. Even though you are NZ qualified, having a wrong passport and the wrong color will always be a big hurdle when it comes to getting that first break. Then when you break in, you find yourself among lazy inbreds who are ‘unprofessional’ to their core.

    I run employee activity tracking software on the kiwis who work under me, and i can show anybody the stats how productive they are. Most of the time, they spend browsing internet, shopping, and playing farmville, while still managing to look ‘absolutely busy’, not knowing that the ‘big brother’ knows what they are doing, even when nobody is looking.

    And this is the particular issue is endemic to the white NZ kiwis only, while Maoris are a different class in themselves when it comes to ‘mucking around’ at work. My asian subordinates, on the flip side are very productive and professional, the data proves it. So, no wonder there is an internal tussle between these two subgroups, owing to their degree of professionalism. The kiwis have an attitude where they have the feeling of ‘entitlement’ and want everything ‘given’ to them, while the asians ‘earn’ it and show ‘initiative’.

    If i had my way, i will kick all of these unproductive morons out of office in an hour, and i have enough activity tracking data for the last few months to back up my claim. But i don’t care, i am just earning my bread an butter until i take the flight away from here, secondly even if i complain, nothing much will shake, because the CEO is an inbred like the employees, with nothing but an NCEA. It was only the other day that he was boasting that he wouldn’t hire on the basis of a degree, but upon whether he likes the person or not. Okay, then lets make all the likeable butchers doctors and all the truck drivers pilots, because having a university qualification is nothing but a stupidity in NZ.

    The truth is that they are scared of educated people, thats why they hire monkeys, who wouldn’t be able to highlight their incompetence.

    So, it is not a new phenomenon, but a well understood fact, that kiwi are a regressive, racist, and loathsome bunch of ‘waste of human space’ on this planet.

  3. well you are not the first person to ask me that question! The message I wanted to put across is that immigrants or prospective ones are just tricked into this clean and green, honest scam called NZ where one can actually find good jobs!! Yeah Right. I studied here even putting to rest a lot of speculation amongst a lot of recruiters who are nothing but con artists that if immigrants bring in qualifications from overseas then they cannot be given jobs.If a NZ qualified chap like myself cannot find a good job then in my opinion NZ should not market itself in India/ China as this great destination to study and then eventually get jobs through the graduate work permit scheme started by the NZ govt themselves. I put up with the stupid arguements with that BRITISH HITLER boss and the other hostile ignorant Kiwis because I came to NZ with a purpose of making it big here. I stayed back because I did not want my parent’s hard earned money invested in this shithole called NZ to go in vain by me just studying and going back. Its just not worth it simple! I am not moaning, but just written an absolute fact in my story contributed to E2NZ and has no imaginative nonsense added to it. The British came to India and stayed and sucked out 300 years of colonial loot but we as Indians just have the ability to give it back. Understand?? I have NZ citizenship and I will use this country as a gateway to go somewhere else. Deal with it. Any more questions just ask and I will answer. Come at me haters

  4. I am surprised why you stood that long if you were treated the way you described. What was you main interest of staying here if you were treated in that way? I would not have tolerated 3 years of being humiliated every day… But you may have had a good reason to stay in a country where you are being seen as a second class citizen…

    Honestly you did tolerate waaaay too much, If I were you, I would have left the country right away , and not stay for such a long time

    • In deed, then you are fortunate that you would not have tolerate it!

      A fair number of people do and why? Well I guess one wants to believe whats on the tin, sadly by the time they realise, the finance has been displaced. Perhaps for others its about honour, family responsibility or a myriad of other reasons.

      It is comforting McCurthy that you seem to recognise the behaviour, but surprising that you seem to fee the Op should have just given up quickly.

    • It’s not that simple just to leave, I know of a few guys who are in the Christchurch rebuild, in shared housing and they had no idea the cost of living, rent and all importantly the cost to fly out of NZ, it cost an extra $800.00 approx to fly out of NZ than it does to fly in.

      $2400 are prices that I have seen for a ticket out, to save that kind of cash you’d be living in the dark and cold with no food for a few weeks, it’s like one final kick in the balls on your way out.

    • LOLs.. to recover ‘lost’ investments in terms of high international fees and cost of living? I wouldn’t want to be going back with a big minus.

  5. One of the highlights of the immigration system is how your application fee is non-refundable AND you cannot appeal a negative outcome for your expression of interest.
    That, and a grim reality that those assessing you are probably lower- to non-qualified.
    But of course, as a migrant to NZ you literally have almost no avenue to voice your discontent.

  6. Sorry to hear about the way you were treated in NZ and I admire your determination to succeed in the face of such adversity.

    Just to add a thought to any self doubt that you may harbour as a result of you experience, I learned first hand about racism in New Zealand. NZIS, their MP’s and the good old NZ policy of New Zealand jobs for New Zealanders

    Coming from the first word, it took me about 12 months to see through the Rose Tinted glasses of my partner and her familly and realise they I was only welcome in NZ untill they had fleeced me.

    The good news for me was when I left, I had more money then when I had arrived and back in the UK I can afford to shop again, do cultural things again and not be subject to the racist chant of New Zealand

    What really irritates me is hearing pathetic New Zealanders in the UK demanding jobs because they are from the old country (NZ) and complaining about the UK Boarder Agency, christ they should deal with NZIS.

    Sorry to be negative, just want to express my admiration for you being so determined. Please dont waste your life there thinking its going to get any better, it ain’t.

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