All Blacks Snubbed The 2015 World Cup Ad. “It’s Too Big to Miss”- No Branding Permitted

It’s nearly Rugby World Cup time again! and the first official ad for the tournament has been released.

The short film is headlined by the British actor Charles Dance and has distinct Westeros overtones. As you know, Lannisters love their rugby and always pay their debts. It features players from all the participating counties except New Zealand.

Apparently the Kiwi team declined to participate, despite being the current holders of the cup. In New Zealand speak that usually means money (or the lack of it) was involved.

According to the NZ Herald the ad had to be shot in such a way that sponsor’s brand logos didn’t appear. It’s a pity the ABs could detach themselves from their branding for 2 seconds to film a couple of their players. But, watch the ad and see how many brands you can spot.

After nanny Herald had pointed it out to them

“…many Kiwis noticed there was no reference to the All Blacks in the ad that includes England, Wales, Australia, South Africa, Scotland, Italy, France, Tonga, Samoa and Canada.

England Rugby spokeswoman Joanna Manning-Cooper said the team was represented, they were just a bit hard to spot.

“In the film, one parent of the little boy who squeezes between his parents’ legs is an All Black fan – you may need to look more closely than usual as the tournament brand guidelines meant we had to remove the AIG sponsor branding from the NZ shirts.”

Another shot in the film showed a player from the shoulders down dressed in black, though no silver fern logo was visible.

“We had to shoot the film in such a way that sponsor brands which appear on the shirts of any team which aren’t official RWC sponsors, aren’t visible,” Ms Manning-Cooper said. The All Blacks featured in print ads…” source

But then in a country that is so obsessed with branding is it so surprising that the ABs identity so entwined with that of their sponsors that they can’t appear without it? That loyalty is reflected in the price of a AB’s  supporter’s shirt, usually enough to put the average Kiwi into debt. Maybe Mr Dance can help out with that.

Tickets go on sale on 12 Sept.

The Rallying Call

“People from Newcastle, are you ready to show the world what a real Geordie welcome is?

“Leeds, Manchester, Brighton, you are the backbone of this country, ready to stand proud?

“Cardiff, Gloucester, Milton Keynes – you are our shoulders, are you ready to carry a legion of fans who have travelled far and wide – of course you are.

“We are going to raise the roof on every stadium from the North East to the South West

“This wil be the biggest, the finest, most glorious Rugby World Cup ever.

It’s too big to miss.”

Unless you’re an All Black that is 🙂




2 thoughts on “All Blacks Snubbed The 2015 World Cup Ad. “It’s Too Big to Miss”- No Branding Permitted

  1. Meanwhile most of the NZ media is inciting a riot, crying foul and up in arms accusing the host nation of playing mind games and saying that the Kiwis were snubbed, yet omitting the fact that ABs declined the invitation to participate.

  2. Cracks me up, the one thing that they are “world famous” for, and they can’t see a way past product placement.
    Cutting their noses off to spite their faces.

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