Matthew Hooton Walks Out of Willie Jackson and John Tamihere’s RadioLive show

The Roast Busters stoush took another tangent this afternoon when columnist Matthew Hooton walked out of a live radio show.

He was there to talk about the presenters’ (Willie Jackson and John Tamihere) foot in mouth, blundering contributions to the victim blaming/rape culture debate that is spewing out of New Zealand right now.

Hooton, after taking them to task for their insensitive handling of a 15 year old friend of one of the roast busters victims, made a comment about the presenters’ support for disgraced ex police officer Clint Rickard. He was told to shut his mouth or get out. Rather than be silenced he opted for the latter.

Listen to it here hooton

Ugly, ugly stuff, but at least the pretence is gone now. This is how things are, now let’s deal with the issues.


Clint Rickards is a former Assistant Commissioner of Police. A Google search will turn up all you need to know andwill show a link to John Tamihere  through the Waipareira Trust.




2 thoughts on “Matthew Hooton Walks Out of Willie Jackson and John Tamihere’s RadioLive show

  1. commenter from the UK: “What dark hole has this lawyer been living in, exactly?”

    It’s called NEW ZEALAND. Never met so many backwards feral men in my life.No wonder the Kiwi women wear no makeup and don’t dress up. They don’t want to be viewed as “asking for it”. After awhile I started adopting their unfriendly and no-makeup way of being. Didn’t want half the population crazily misconstruing “niceness of manner or look”.

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