Quakes Ramp Up in Central New Zealand

Big Quake near Seddon

Earthquakes and aftershocks have continued in the central part of New Zealand since the Seddon quake on Friday.

There have been scores of quakes today with the largest so far being a “severe” 6.6 in the Cook Strait at 5.09 pm. Some sources are saying the quake was upgraded to a magnitude 6.8.

The details from Geonet are as follows

Public ID 2013p543824
Universal Time July 21 2013 at 5:09:29
NZ Standard Time Sunday, July 21 2013 at 5:09:29 pm
Latitude, Longitude -41.72, 174.42
Intensity ? severe
Focal Depth 11 km
Magnitude 6.6
Location 30 km east of Seddon
Agency WEL(GNS_Primary)

6 thoughts on “Quakes Ramp Up in Central New Zealand

  1. Thanks, E2, for your kind and helpful answer to this obviously shocked person. Time will tell whether she considers it worth staying in that place, with earthquakes on top of everything else you have to deal with there.

    • Unfortunately there have been earthquakes centred in Hanmer Springs, we’re not sure how many but the latest updates include these which are unlikely to have produced any damage, but will have rattled the nerves.

      These will have been felt in addition to the larger quakes near Sneddon.

      Public Id: 2013p544726
      NZST: Monday, July 22 2013 at 1:10:32 am
      Intensity: light
      Depth: 13 km
      Magnitude: 3.1
      Location: 40 km north-east of Hanmer Springs

      Public Id: 2013p544630
      NZST: Monday, July 22 2013 at 12:18:07 am
      Intensity: moderate
      Depth: 13 km
      Magnitude: 3.8
      Location: 15 km east of Hanmer Springs

      Many people affected by the ‘shakes’ have taken to social media tonight as they are finding it difficult to sleep.

      • Thanks for all of your kind remarks. I must admit, it
        really unnerved me feeling that yesterday. I had experienced a few
        when living in the states, but none of that magnitude. I know when
        I lived back home, I would not even move to certain cities due to
        earthquakes, I do not plan on putting myself through fear here, I
        have been planning on moving back home in October, this may be the
        decision maker, am not happy here anyway.

        • In terms of more America/NZ comparisons, Susie, I read a review of Savannah Georgia the other day, http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g60814-i133-k3337402-Savannah_and_the_high_crime_rate_what_s_the_real_deal-Savannah_Georgia.html and it so reminded me of New Zealand. It’s beautiful place, they make mountains of money from tourism, and it’s in their interest to play down a horrible crime rate. Same thing. Would you move to a place just for the beauty or would you take other things into account like really bad unpredictable seismic events, and crime worse than usual in a big city ? Of course, you’d take everything into account before moving to a place. The difference being, New Zealand keeps its crime rate and other problems under tighter wraps, while Savannah’s problems were easier to research.

  2. Man, I am still shaking. I live in Hanmer Springs and I sure felt it, the closet doors were going back and forth, my windchimes were “chiming” the couch felt like it was on a bumpy lake, and it just kept building and building.

    I am from America, and I never felt anything like this before. This stinks, I am still shaking and feel sick to my tummy.

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