New Zealand Earthquakes – Latest Updates from Twitter – Ongoing

The quakes now have their own Wikipedia page: 2013 Cook Strait earthquake

From the Marlborough Express FB page, updates from Seddon, the place most affected by the quakes

Trevor: What I want to know is where the hell are our civil defence warning procedures? When I lived in the US we had tornado warnings and the alerts went out on all the tv stations and radio stations simultaneously, along with the warning sirens. I tuned into the National Radio after the 6.5 and they didn’t switch to the quake for 40 minutes and then didn’t mention that there was no threat of a tsunami for another 15 minutes. Almost an hour later, come on! If there is a big one in the Strait how are we going to be warned? Jodie: My hubby just been to the night an day an a brick wall fell on a car out there he was told an someones house is really damaged Heather: Yes there are people in Seddon with Damage two friends have had their belongings trashed and have others with chimneys and other structural damage. Sick of hearing about Wellington there are real people out their but I guess being the strong and resilient people they are they will Solder on with out complaint Rachael: Im in seddon, broken windows, stuff for miles and concrete blocks from neighbour building were siting on my car!! Al my neighbours r ok and most have sme sort of mild damage, power has jst gne bck on 2 sme houses, im hoping everybody else is safe

Following the partial collapse of the 6th floor of the Mercure Hotel:


Another quake near Reefton, weaker this time Reefton again

Stay safe, get through

Another severe quake, this time 50 km South of Reefton Quake at Reefton

Stay away from tall buildings: