LSE Professor Robert Wade Accuses NZ Minister of “Bullying”

Visiting LSE economist, Professor Robert Wade, has accused Bill English of intimidation at a TV show between recordings.

“Professor Robert Wade of the London School of Economics said Mr English made a stabbing motion with his finger towards his chest and berated him in between their separate appearances on TVNZ’s Q+A programme at the weekend. There was no physical contact.

Mr English disagreed with his remarks on inequality and capital gains tax and told him: “Don’t you say that again”, Prof Wade said.

“I was surprised by the sort of menace in his voice,” the academic said yesterday. “He was like a schoolmaster and he sort of jabbed his finger in the direction of my chest like a school master wagging the finger. I just thanked him for his kind advice and proceeded on out.”

He said the politician was “just asserting, in a rather bullying way I thought, his point of view . . . he wasn’t in any mood to actually discuss.”… more here

English has of course denied the allegations, but he and others in the National Party may have a track record for bullying dissenters. Read

We say don’t take it personally Bob, this is how things are done in New Zealand. It isn’t pleasant but it usually has the desired effect.

Robert Wade is in New Zealand conducting a lecture tour . He is Professor of Political Economy and Development at the London School of Economics Department of International Development.

According to a BWB press release

“Robert Wade is currently visiting New Zealand, holding lectures on the topic of: ‘Inequality and the West: Capitalism at a Tipping Point.’A key part of Professor Wade’s approach is to explore the pre-distribution of wealth and the way that policy supports wealth concentration.Professor Wade will be speaking at Te Papa on Tuesday 16 July, 6pm, Soundings Theatre. Seats are limited so please arrive early to secure a spot.More information available at:

Inequality and the West is Chapter 3 in Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis, edited by Max Rashbrooke.Available in print or ebook at:”

The sort of behaviour shown to Professor Wade is not reserved for guest and visitors to New Zealand.

Our readers may remember the personal attacks Mike Joy was subjected to after Steven Sakur quoted him in the ‘100% Pure NZ’ Hardtalk interview with John Key, or the fate of Nobel prize contributing scientist scientist, Jim Salinger, who was

“sacked for ignoring a new Niwa policy against speaking publicly without prior approval.

“I can’t understand it, it’s not as though I’m doing bad science, it’s not as though I’m under-performing, so I’m really astounded,” Dr Salinger said on TV One News tonight.

TV One said Niwa had accused Dr Salinger of serious misconduct after he took part in a programme the channel produced about glaciers…”(Stuff)

One thought on “LSE Professor Robert Wade Accuses NZ Minister of “Bullying”

  1. No surprises there, politicians (and their sycophants) in
    NZ try to either: drown out, defame or ignore people with the hard
    questions. At University where John Key(National) visited, the
    student union President(Labour) … REFUSED to acknowledge me
    raising my hands to ask him about the Silver Fern visa for
    qualified NZ university graduates from overseas. The people in the
    trough, protect their own.

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