Dart River Safari Jet Boat Crash

There has been another jet boat crash in New Zealand.

Two Dart River Safari jet boats, one of them carrying 13 passengers, collided with each other on Friday. Maritime New Zealand will be investigating the incident and will report in due course.

The accident happened about 2 km upstream from the mouth of the Dart River. Fortunately on this occasion no one was killed or seriously injured, although two people were taken to hospital for treatment.

Dart River Safari Jet Boats is operated Ngai Tahu. Read more about Ngai Tahu here. According to Wikipedia

“Ngāi Tahu actively owns or invests in many businesses throughout the country. In the 2008 financial year, Ngai Tahu Holdings had a net surplus of $80.4 million, of which $11.5 million was distributed to members of the iwi via runanga and whanau. During 2008 Ngaitahu made the following investments

Adventure tourism in New Zealand

There have been a number of serious incidents involving high speed boats in New Zealand. If you’re planning to visit you may want to find out more about this type of activity and familiarise yourself with the safety standards within NZ’s adventure tourism industry.

Be aware that following a high number of deaths and serious injuries some countries issued official travel advisories for New Zealand:-

Australia (May 2011)

“Many tourists safely undertake adventure activities in New Zealand. However, many adventure tourism activities have inherent risks, and there have been a number of serious accidents involving Australians and other tourists, some resulting in deaths. Some operators have been found to be negligent. You should be aware that safety standards in New Zealand’s adventure tourism industry may differ between individual operators and may differ from those in Australia.

Travellers need to make their own careful judgements about the risks involved in individual or group activities and of the safety standards of individual operators. We strongly recommend travellers inquire with individual operators about the safety standards adhered to, whether these standards are applied across the industry and the risks involved in the activity. We recommend travellers hold travel insurance and complementary accident or income protection insurance and understand what circumstances and activities are not covered by the policies.”

Britain (May 2011)

There have been a number of tragic accidents involving British visitors; these also include extreme sporting accidents. If you intend to participate in extreme sports do check that the company is well established in the industry and that your insurance covers you. If you intend visiting remote areas, check with local tourist authorities for advice before setting out. Ensure that you register your details with a Visitor Information Centre or family or friends. Weather conditions can quickly become treacherous in some areas so keep yourself informed of regional weather forecasts.”

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