Skater Boy Whacked By Eden Park Security Guard

skater boy whacked by Eden Park security guard

A video showing a young skate boarding teen getting wacked by a New Zealand security guard has just gone viral.

The boys found the gate open at Eden Park. Presumably believing it to be a sporting venue they thought it would be ok to go in an indulge in their sport.

Along came a burly security guard, Lance Wharewaka, who instead of calling the police to remove the alleged offenders, took the law into his own hands and destroyed the board after whacking one of the kids with it. Some would say this amounts to assault and criminal damage. No prizes for guessing who behaved like adults in this stand-off.

Next time your kids go out to play make sure they keep to the roads where it’s so much safer.

Even organised skating events have had their problems with adult-on-child violence. Watch this

It seems that skating just brings out the worst in some people.

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