Finnish Comic Responds To Jerry Brownlee, Minister for Earthquake Recovery


Some of Tuomas Enbuske’s jokes:

New Zealand has a very strong culture. An extremely strong barbecue, beer and car driving culture.”

Other countries’ experts come to Finland to learn from the Finnish educational system, people come to New Zealand to eat Kiwi fruit”

“The most famous New Zealanders in the world are ….er what was this guy’s name?…no he’s from…Australia”

“You sing in your national anthem that god defend New Zealand, well after seeing your unemployment and suicide it seems that god doesn’t defend Maoris”

“We have Kimi Räikkönen – you have sheep…we have the angry birds game – you have sheep, we have Nokia – you have sheep…”

We fully expect a massive backlash within New Zealand to this video from people that are quick to criticise other countries  but can’t take a joke about themselves. Maybe Mr Brownlee should concentrate on getting the rebuild of Christchurch underway. How long has it been now since the earthquake?

Jerry  Brownlee said his speech in the NZ parliament was meant to be humorous and not an attack on the country:

    “I’m sure that New Zealanders have been on the butt of all sorts of jokes at various times and not taken offence at such a thing.”

We’re not so sure 🙂


Finnish embassy wants answers over Brownlee’s comments

“The Finnish embassy in Canberra has asked for an explanation over comments Gerry Brownlee made about the Nordic country in Parliament.

During a debate in Parliament Brownlee criticised Labour leader David Shearer for using Finland as an example when outlining his vision for New Zealand.

Brownlee proceeded to list reasons why he believes New Zealand is a superior country to Finland, including a “terrible” homicide rate, having a better standard of living, more consistent growth, lower unemployment, and lower inflation rates.

He also said Finland “hardly educates its people, and has no respect for women”.

Brownlee said he could not believe “for the life of me” that Labour wanted to be like Finland.

Radio NZ is reporting that, Juha Parikka, the deputy head of mission at the Embassy of Finland in Canberra, has written to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade asking if there will be any reaction from the Government to Brownlee’s comments…” more here

Pot calling the kettle black more to come

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4 thoughts on “Finnish Comic Responds To Jerry Brownlee, Minister for Earthquake Recovery

  1. No, he is not a moron. As the title of this post states, he is a comedian, and all the comments so far have just confirmed the statement that “We fully expect a massive backlash within New Zealand to this video from people that are quick to criticise other countries but can’t take a joke about themselves.”

  2. LOL, very funny comments 🙂

    When did New Zealand split the atom? That work was done in Manchester, England.

    Rutherford performed his most famous work after he had moved to the Victoria University of Manchester in the UK in 1907 and was already a Nobel laureate. In 1911, he theorized that atoms have their positive charge concentrated in a very small nucleus and thereby pioneered the Rutherford model of the atom, through his discovery and interpretation of Rutherford scattering in his gold foil experiment. He is widely credited with first “splitting the atom” in 1917.

    Rutherford’s parents were Scottish immigrants to New Zealand and he left to pursue a career in science. Presumably New Zealand, being an agricultural nation, lacked the resources he needed to carry out his research. An early example of Brain Drain.

    And wasn’t the other first man on Everest Tenzing Norgay, who did much of the real work on the mountain.

    Re. first votes for women – New Zealand wasn’t the first by any means. Read our Hype and Spin page for the truth about Votes for Women. The Pitcairns and South Australia got there way before New Zealand.

    Sufferage was just as much of an issue for women. Conincidentally In 1906 (7 years before NZ) Finland was the first NATION in the world to grant suffrage (the right to vote and to run for office) to all citizens, including women. Other possible contenders for first “country” to grant female suffrage include the Corsican Republic, the Isle of Man (1881) and Franceville.

    Just more examples of New Zealanders misappropriating fame when it suits 🙂

  3. We have Angry birds… you have sheep…


    Just read these comments from some idiots in New Zealand.

    The idiot in the video is a moron, the people of New Zealand did not attack Finland, one fat moronic politician did, so attack HIM, not us, you moron.
    I call you a moron because…
    1) NZ was the first nation to split the atom
    2) NZ was the first nation to give the vote to women
    3) we invented the Jet Boat
    4) we invented the tranquillizer gun
    5) we invented the electric farm fence
    6) we invented the refrigerated ship
    7) Edmund Hillary, a kiwi, 1st to climb Everest…
    etc etc.

    MrKiwi1960 20 seconds ago
    We don’t like Gerry Brownlee either!, but as for inventions!!!
    Ernest Rutherford-first in the world to split the atom
    Colin Murdoch-disposable syringe
    William Gallagher-the electric fence
    The Jet boat,the ski plane,bungy,blokart,zorb…the list goes on and on!
    Attack our pollitians, no prob!…but attack the NZ people & lifestyle!…get ready for a fight! -best u check our history in that regards!…we don’t start fights…we FINNISH them! -c what I did there 😉

    willytheekid 51 seconds ago
    Abit silly really, Gerry Brownlee is a jerk at the best of times, but the rest of NZ doesn’t need to be put down by someone who clams the game Angry Birds as a national produce.

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