Herewini, Any Relation?

It has been confirmed that four males have been charged with the stabbing murder of 64 year old Polish man  Roman Skorek in a Rotorua’s Kuirau Park last month.

Two are un-named youths aged 14 and 15, the others are Simon Meka Herewini, 20, and Rawiri James Samuel, 21.

Co-incidentally, Simon Meka Herewini bears the same family name as someone who was caught up in aftermath of the  murder of Scottish tourist Karen Aim, namely Leigh Herewini.

34 year old Leigh Herewini found Karen dying from her injuries on a Taupo street in January 2008 . He was a security guard at a school near to where she was found and said he was responding to an alarm at the school when he discovered her.

Local youth Jache Broughton, who was 14 at the time of the attack, later changed his plea to guilty of her murder.

In a court hearing  Herewini gave evidence that Broughton had shown him the murder weapon in the days following the killing:

“The teenager accused of murdering Scottish tourist Karen Aim allegedly hid the baseball bat he used to kill her under his house and then showed the bloodstained, dented object to a man he knew.

Leigh Herewini, a 34-year-old security guard, said he felt “uncomfortable” when he saw the bat because “it could’ve been the bat that hurt the girl”.

Mr Herewini was testifying at the second day of a depositions hearing at the Taupo Youth Court yesterday.

The accused, who was 14 when he allegedly murdered Ms Aim in January, stared at Mr Herewini while he gave evidence.

But Mr Herewini avoided his gaze and told the court the accused had shown him the baseball bat when he had gone to his house about two or three days after Ms Aim was killed.

“It had a lot of dents and bitsmissing off it,” Mr Herewini said. “It looked like it had blood on it.”

He said the accused had called him on the day Ms Aim was killed and told him he knew who was responsible for the murder.

“He said it was a guy Bryan, a Mongrel Mob prospect from Rotorua.”

Leigh Herewini also helped Broughton cover up the savage bashing of another female in Taupo, this from the NZ Herald, 6 February 2009. Reporting of it was suppressed for fear of prejudicing Broughton’s trial for the murder of Karen Aim:

Security guard shielded Karen Aim’s killer

The security guard who called police to report smashed windows at a Taupo college on the night Karen Aim’s body was found nearby had earlier helped Jahche Broughton to cover up the bashing of another female.

The guard, Leigh Herewini, 37, was the former partner of Broughton’s aunt and would often take the 14-year-old on security rounds with him.

Leigh Herewini was found guilty of being an accessory after the fact.

Broughton then went to Herewini’s house, where the guard helped to stash the girl’s stolen pink handbag.

Herewini was working the night Ms Aim was murdered and helped to cordon off the scene. He was charged with being an accessory after the fact and sentenced to five months’ community detention and six months’ supervision.

The case, in Rotorua in November, was not covered by the media because details of his part in the crime were suppressed for fear they would prejudice Broughton’s trial. Suppression orders were lifted yesterday following the young killer’s guilty plea.

Herewini testified against Broughton during a depositions hearing in September.

Small world. Rotorua and Taupo seem to have a poor record for violent youth offending don’t they?

Our advice to visitors is to be aware of your personal safety at all times and to keep to well frequented areas at night.