NZ Radio Station Offers Valentine’s Day Divorce Competition (Win your passage out of New Zealand)

What's holding you back?

Win your passage out of New Zealand


We’ve been tweeting (link) about a NZ  radio station’s plans to hold an on-air divorce competition on Valentine’s Day and it set us thinking.

What if a radio station were to offer a fully expenses paid repatriation, or onward migration to another country of choice, for one disaffected migrant family in New Zealand?

Would it be overwhelmed with applicants?

Would you apply and what do you need to re-settle elsewhere.

We not just talking financial help here but logistical assistance: finding work, sorting out difficult legal issues that bind you to New Zealand, re-training, up-skilling, selling your home, improving your health and wellbeing, getting your kids re-educated, moving your aged parents. Anything.

Let’s have your wish lists and tell us why you want to leave.

The best replies will be re-published and given a section all of their own in the blog, please tell us if you don’t want yours included in this.

We suggest December 18, International Migrants Day, as the date on which the ‘competition’ should be held and we will be promoting it at that time through social media.

(p.s. we’ll hold comments open indefinitely on this one)

2 thoughts on “NZ Radio Station Offers Valentine’s Day Divorce Competition (Win your passage out of New Zealand)

  1. 1. The cost of living is too high for what you “get” living there, in fact it is astronomical. Housing especially. Expensive Internet, slow internet. Utilities high. Books astronomical. Food too expensive given the good climate and agricultural producer status.
    2. The housing is very poor quality, or most of it, does not keep the cold and wet out unless you have a lot to spend on insulated housing. Luxury houses are insulated. The average house is pretty sh*te
    3. Weed, alcohol, P, meth, too many normal middle class people are using these drugs and little is done about it.
    4. The road rage and poor driving, lack of shoulders on the side of the road makes driving scarey
    5. It is too far away from everything, centres of culture. This really shows.
    6. Poor public transportation, and it is expensive.
    7. They greenwash everything
    8. Kiwis – partying apart, many of them who have not left the country are not too bright. They are obsessed with property climbing and outdoor sports. Many are strapped for cash and view migrants as a cash machine. Leaves you with very little to converse about and feeling like they want things from you or else you are not interesting to them. One loses the energyand motivation to make new friends after living here for some years, anyway, so maybe the way Kiwis act is not as important. Bullying in the workplace and in their schools is bad.
    9. Everything is done in a short-sighted manner with no planning for the future. Rule by bourgeois committee with ineffective results – excruciating.
    10. Health system delivers 1970s level health care and is slow and underfunded. Americans may appreciate the price, but not the quality or pace of attention to problems. Aussies, Brits and Canadians will appreciate nothing, compared to home.

    That is just for starters.

    Glance at this -, bring Aussies who have never been to NZ and think they won’t like it to NZ and shower them with amazing experiences to change their minds and then use their remarks in marketing, what a ploy..How artificial is that? And why does everyone have to LIKE NEW ZEALAND? PLease explain! Surely there are enough unlikeable features that not everyone finds New Zealand a good place?
    Air NZ casts Aussies who don’t like New Zealand in reality series. Host has created an online reality show for Air New Zealand called Kiwi Sceptics. In the short film series, located on NineMSN, Air NZ took people who had never wanted to go to New Zealand, to New Zealand, in the hope of changing their minds about the country. The campaign, which was built on a media deal with Nine secured by PHD, is [b]the biggest marketing offensive Air NZ has launched in 10 years[/b]. Kelly Millier, marketing manager for Air New Zealand Australia said: “At Air New Zealand we know NZ is one of the best places on earth, but for one reason or another, there are many Aussies who don’t see the same fresh and progressive side of New Zealand, that we do. We figured if we could change the minds of those most sceptical, we should be able to convince those who are sitting on the fence.”

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